How To Select The Very Best Property Planning Partner

In the right hands, a home or property can be kicked up quite a few notches in terms of value prior to being sold on for profit. There isn’t a property owner in the land who’d happily sell their assets on at a loss, or even come out of the deal no better off for their efforts. However, it’s simply not enough to sit idly by and hope that the property you’re in possession of reaches its own peak naturally – it takes the concerted efforts of a professional property planning partner to determine and implement the very best course of action.

Right now, the UK market is flooded with a veritable arsenal of service providers offering their own takes on unique planning solutions to make sure you get the very best price for your home. Needless to say of course, not all are quite as up on the market to the extent they’d have us believe, which it why it’s crucially important to do your homework. According to the team at, this could very well be the most pivotal decision the average property investor will ever make and therefore is not a decision to be made hastily.

Zero Risk Services

Topping the list of prerequisites for wholly obvious reasons is the fundamental promise of absolutely no financial risks at all to the client regardless of the overall outcome. This basically assures the client that whatever is proposed and summarily implemented, there will be zero risk of they themselves losing so much as a penny.

In these kinds of instances, the property planning professionals will only ever accept a project if they believe it will be of great mutual benefit for both parties, which in turn means comprehensive peace of mind from day one. What’s more, the offer of a zero-risk guarantee is also just about the most reassuring sign of complete and total confidence a service provider can possibly offer, which again bolsters complete peace of mind and a solid working partnership.

Strong Industry Relationships

Not only is it important for these kinds of businesses to work closely with property investors, downsizers, probate solicitors, estate agents, wealth managers and independent financial advisors, but it also takes extensive time and commitment to build the kinds of close-knit relationships that matter. It’s a case of making sure that you get the best deal and the best service not only through the service provider directly, but also those they work with.

Obligation-Free Consultations

These days, it’s largely unheard of for property management specialist services to charge for their time until a deal has been effectively set in stone. However, there will always be those who expect you to reach into your pocket pretty much from the first moment of contact, which for obvious reasons doesn’t generally tend to be the type you’ll want to do business with.

Case Studies

It’s all well and good for a service provider to boast about what they can do, but how about the evidence of what they’ve actually done in the past? There’s a very big difference between a brand that speaks with huge confidence in its abilities and a competing brand that lays out in clear and defined terms exactly how it has proved its capabilities.

This is where case studies come into the equation, which should be sought and demanded in order to assess whether or not they’re able to live up to their own hype. And when a success story is requested, it should be more than just a vague claim of “X amount of profit generated by Y building project” – this is the kind of area where you need very specific details.


Last but not least, it’s one thing to achieve any given final result but it’s a wholly different story to do so while at the same time winning the praise and support of your clients. This is why it’s important to ensure that the case studies on offer are at least to some extent backed by the real-life testimonials of the actual clients the brand has worked with.

Along with browsing their own website, it’s a good idea to carry out a few web searches to see what the general word on the street is before going ahead. After all, it’s not like most businesses are in the habit of sharing the less-agreeable side of the clients’ feedback – if of course there’s any to be found.

Tick all of the above boxes along with the obvious addition of affordable fees and it’s genuinely difficult to go wrong.

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