How to Remove PDF Watermark on Mac

Watermarks are those faint marks that are normally seen in a document or image. Many PDF documents have this mark so that they won’t be copied or used for any other purpose than what they are initially created for. Watermarks also protect a person or an entity’s ownership over the document. However, there is a way to remove watermark in PDF on a Mac.

All you really need is the good software that can easily detect and remove the watermarks placed on the documents. Once of such programs is the iSkysoft PDF Editor Macintosh computers. Needless to say, it is one of the best PDF editors for an Apple machine. To use it in removing a watermark, simply launch the iSkysoft program installed on your computer. If you still don’t have it, you would have to download the software from the internet to be able to use it. iSkysoft offers a free trial version of their software so you can use it before buying it. Aside from the Mac, there is also another iSkysoft software version for Windows-based computers.

After launching the program, open the watermark-protected PDF file with it. Once the document is loaded in the software, you should be ready to remove the mark. Look for the watermark removal tool on the tool bar. On the iSkysoft program, it is found under the document tab.

Look for where it says Watermark. Then add, update, or remove watermark as necessary. What’s so great about the iSkysoft PDF editing software is that you won’t have to convert the PDF file into a word or text file to remove the mark. A few clicks of the button will get the job done. With the right software, the steps on how to remove a watermark in PDF files can be as easy as that.

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