How to Organize and Plan a Team Building Event

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Team building events can be an excellent way for your company to instill its mission, vision and values into staff as well as to cultivate bonding and camaraderie among those employees and managers who participate. In order for your team building event to succeed, it’s important to plan out the day with purposeful activities and to make sure you stay within your budget for the event.

Review Your Budget First

Before you do any event planning, make sure to review how much money your company has available and budgeted for the event. While it is possible to plan a team building event on a shoestring if necessary, you don’t want to go over budget and run into accounting problems or run out of money without having covered all your expenses. Events that run longer than half a day usually provide food during a meal break for participants, so plan on adding the cost of a meal for staff to your expenses.

Find Your Location

Once you know how much you can spend on your company’s event, find a suitable location. This may be easy if your company has boardrooms or meeting rooms big enough for all your participants. However, it may be more difficult if you don’t have ready access to such types of facilities. Hotels often have meeting rooms available for corporate events at reasonable rates. As you look for your ideal location, be sure to keep in mind anything you’ll need to have in the room as a part of your event. Whiteboards, screens, catering tables, and laptop projectors are among some of the popular items you may need for your event.

Begin with Icebreakers and “Get to Know You” Exercises

A popular and useful way to begin your day of team building is by starting off with icebreaker exercises designed for people to get to know each other. For example, in a team building exercise for employees of a coffee shop, the day could start off with a game that requires participants to find out the favorite beverage of every other employee.

Tying in Lessons

Ideally, your opening activities should give staff a chance to learn more about each other while at the same time affirming some aspect of the business’s mission, vision, values or corporate culture.
Another popular way to start off a team building day recommended by Team Building Brisbane is by having the group divide itself up into pairs. Each member of the pair interviews the other person, and after 10 minutes, each participant introduces the person he or she was paired with. Companies often use this type of exercise to teach the importance of listening skills.

Keep It Meaningful and Interesting

Participants can get restless, bored and contemptuous if they don’t feel that they’re gaining anything from the event or from specific exercises. Exercises should not take more that 30 minutes apiece, and the meaning of each exercise should be discussed once it’s been completed. For example, one popular exercise that teaches non-verbal communication skills as well as leadership and collaboration is to have participants work in teams to put together a simple puzzle of various shapes without speaking. The exercise itself teaches collaboration and communication, but many participants won’t understand how it ties in with their everyday work experience unless a discussion follows.


Team building events can do wonders for helping your company to create a team that works together effectively. However, the key to creating a successful event is to make the exercises meaningful and relevant to the daily work of each participant. Also, knowing the budget you have in advance will help you to plan out your location, your materials cost and your cost for any meals provided without running out of funds.

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