How to Market to New Internet Users

Marketing to an older generation who are not quite as tech savvy as Generation Y does not need to be a challenge of businesses interested in building their brand. By connecting with seniors where they socialize online, a brand can potentially heap the rewards if they engage their more mature customers with content relevant to their needs.

As with any type of social media marketing, the key is to offer content of value and interest to the target market. A brand that consistently opts for a “look at me” mentality in their marketing efforts is one that is not likely to engage consumers on an ongoing basis, regardless of the age of the consumer. If you are hoping to grow your user base of older generation Internet users, here are just a few sites you can consider for your connection efforts.

Facebook — It’s Not Just For Teens

As many as 65% of Facebook users are over the age of 35, and this number of older users is only expected to increase as more baby boomers age and adopt the inter-connectivity that Facebook offers to family and friends. With younger internet users opting for social media sites like Instagram, Tumblr, and Twitter on an increasing basis, Facebook is fast becoming the go-to site for socially connected seniors. If your business is hoping to build its user base of older consumers, building a fan base on Facebook is a must.

LinkedIn — Senior Savvy Connections

Of all of the current mainstream social media networks, LinkedIn has the oldest user base with the average age of a LinkedIn user being 44.2 years old. Savvy business owners aware of this older demographic can connect with this market by offering content marketing targeted directly to an older consumer. While your initial impression might be that LinkedIn is only for those wishing to connect on a professional employment level, nothing could be further from the truth. The networking opportunities LinkedIn offers are not to be overlooked for street-smart businesses wishing to connect with their target market.

Pinterest — Pin Senior Specific Content

If you are hoping to connect with an older demographic that is not overly tech savvy, Pinterest is an excellent option to consider. If you approach Pinterest from a content marketing standpoint, you can definitely increase your user engagement with an older generation. By creating a Pinterest business page and then pinning the senior specific content your target market is looking for, you will be able to establish your authority within your niche as a reliable source of information. Utilize tools like Google’s Keyword Tool in order to find phrases your target market is looking for. Once you know the sort of information your potential customers are looking for, you can use news feeds like Prismatic, News360, or TrendSpotter to find content relevant to your niche. Pin the content you find to your business’ Pinterest boards and in no time you will likely find your following building on Pinterest. By pinning your own products and content amongst the content you know your potential customers are looking for, you are not only providing searched for information but also you are building your brand at the same time.

BoardReader — Find out Where Your Customers Are Chatting

If you think your older generation customers are not congregating on social media networks like Facebook, LinkedIn, or Pinterest, you can find out where their online activity is happening by utilizing as a discovery engine. BoardReader indexes public forum posts. If your older generation customers are chatting online in public forums, you can connect with these potential customers by offering relevant information on the forums they are frequenting. As with any marketing effort, it is important to remember that the information you share needs to be of value to your customer and not just to your business. Each forum has different rules, so take time to familiarize yourself with forum policies regarding promotional or business marketing content. The last thing you want to do is have your brand associated with the dreaded spammer label.

These are just a few tools you can utilize in your marketing efforts. Connecting with an older demographic does not need to be difficult. It is just a matter of connecting with them where they are congregating and offering content relevant to their needs.

Author Bio: Joshua Turner blogs and writes articles related to the field of business. In this article, he offers tips on how to market online to an older generation and supports continued study through Aging Degrees.

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