How to Make Working Anywhere in the World Work for You


In these times, it is easier than ever to work remotely; advances in technology make it possible for people who once needed to be in an office to do their entire job from home. You can consult from any corner of the globe, complete freelance writing assignments from anywhere you can get online, operate your internet business in any country. Many people take advantage of this flexibility to fulfill their passion for travel. But, this mode of living is not like being on vacation, and if not executed properly, could negatively impact the professional end of things. This, of course, is the last thing you want to happen — no money means no travel. As someone who works and lives abroad, I would like to share some tips for successfully balancing work and travel.

Find a Schedule that Works for You

There is lots of advice about how to set up a schedule and when you should be doing things, but ultimately, different modes of operating work for different people. When you are trying to balance your professional responsibilities with seeing the sights and doing the tourist things, you need to find what works for you. After some experimenting, I found that getting up early and getting most of my work out of the way first thing worked best for me; that is when I felt most motivated to tackle tasks and I was able to enjoy the rest of the day without unfinished assignments hanging over my head. Get my work done and then go to the beach or sightseeing in the city. Maybe you work better in the afternoon, or in the evening, and prefer to do traveling activities at the other times— that is fine too; there is no one best way. There are very few people who work well without any sort of routine, and if you find yourself struggling with a willy-nilly working schedule while on the road, it is time to figure one out for yourself.

Be Flexible

After blathering on about the importance of making a schedule and some sort of routine, the advice to be flexible may seem contradictory, but hear me out. If you are living the life of the perpetual working traveler, there is a good chance you have a strong passion for travel and you are not just doing this because you can. So, you want to make sure you enjoy where you are, and do not become obsessed with just working all the time. If you really want to take that day trip out on the boat, do not miss out because you have decided that you always want to do your work in the morning. There may be times when you cannot adhere to your schedule, and if you miss a day and fall a bit behind on work stuff, it is okay; just vow to make it up. You want to have fun too, or what is the point? You just need to avoid always putting stuff off to the point that you fall seriously behind. The “I’m on vacation” excuse can only be used sparingly when you are traveling and working long-term since you are bringing in your money as you go.

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