How To Make An Impact At Conferences and Tradeshows

For corporate events, tradeshows and conferences, branding is a significant factor.  Simply printing your logo on everything that it can possibly be printed on is not the only way to go, although it should be part of your plan!  At events, most stands will take this approach, so it’s vital that you stand out and make a bold, individual statement. 

Brand Identity

Invitations to demonstrations or presentations are a simple way to ensure some exposure.  Printed, themed invitations that include your brand identity and logo are a great place to start, and professional printers can help to design a low cost invitation card.  These don’t simply have to be slips of card but could be printed on an item that’s relevant to your firm or sector; use your imagination!

Presentation is Key

Presentation really does count, so don’t skimp on your promotional material at trade shows.  Flyers, posters and other printed promotional materials (from pens to calendars) should be well designed, high quality and contain information relevant to your main goal, pitch or call to action. 

Social Stands

No element of doing business these days should escape the social media treatment.  A dedicated webpage on your site is a great idea to compliment your attendance, and Twitter feeds as well as a Facebook page is de-rigueur these days for just about any life event, including business conferences and tradeshows.  A relevant live blog hosted on your websites is a good addition for some firms, especially those in the media sector. 

The Free Lunch

They say there’s no such thing as a free lunch but that’s not entirely true!  At shows, free food and drinks can grab people’s attention, particularly if they’re hungry!  Obviously, if you are in the hospitality sector this idea should come naturally, however, it’s a great move to give food away for free no matter what industry your business is in.  A large crowd around your display attracts more people, and tempting food keeps them there!   Don’t forget branded crockery, cutlery or glasses (even if these are of the plastic and paper variety) as these will help people to keep your company in mind and spread the word.

Take Away

Give your potential customers something to remember you by, with  bags full of promotional ‘stuff’, all branded and printed with your contact details; this is excellent way to fix your brand in potential customers’ minds.  Items can be relevant to your firm or product or they can include useful items such as key-rings, pens, mugs etc.  These small every day items are excellent little ‘aide-memoirs’ for the future, ensuring customers will keep you in mind if they need your product or service.

It’s all About you

Of course it is, but don’t forget to mingle – get out and about, meet people, attend other stands, promotions, presentations and conference or show events.  Creating links and networking is what conferences and tradeshows are all about and whilst selling on the day is important, leads for the future are likely to be the biggest benefit for your company!  Ensure that your attendees have a ready supply of flyers, business cards and promotional material to hand out to potential customers.

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