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We think many SEOs buy links. But while buying a link for your blog you would have to think and analyze it properly. So let’s analyze the criteria for assessing the quality of the link.

If the link belongs to the highest quality then it strongly influences the price. To promote the site there is no sense to invest that big amount. Here it makes sense to pay special attention to sites with a PR = 0 (in the main). Because, if the site was made before 2013, at least one had to be, now Google wants to stop (or ceased to) update PR. If the donor site for 2 years, has PR 0 or plus – it makes sense to examine it very carefully, because perhaps it was just a site for links and it was dead. This is interesting. The lower the level of nesting, the usually more articles. As stated the good quality backlinks they are much more expensive. So, you have to judge it very carefully.

Another important factor for judging backlinks is Incoming and outgoing links. It’s all pretty simple. If your site has a lot of outbound links, but few incoming we get 2 options: The site sells links, and the owner is not very important to its future development. The site has problems with outbound links. Or dofollow comments or it refers to a lot of good sites, again without the nofollow attribute. If the ratio of incoming to outgoing more than 5 – the link is not worth buying because the site is a dump), ideally aim for a lower ratio of incoming to outgoing.

The amount of content and its uniqueness is another important factor while buying links.  For search engines the most important thing is the content. If the content has little or no – it’s bad. If a non-unique content – it is also not good. I recommend setting the bar of 1500 characters per page of the donor. But then again – a pretty tough test. Site Age also does matter. There is clear – the older the site, the better. We recommend buying links from sites older than 3 years. If the site is new then avoid buying backlinks from them.

There are few sites, which promise to transfer some traffic to your site. Now this is a very useful option. And infinitely useful when placing articles and guards, as it will also do transition. Some specific figures difficult to call, but if a person does not have even 100-200 unique visitors per month – the website is new or old is not good enough to get links. If the site was created with the aim of 1 – earnings from advertising and selling links, it shows then also avoid buy link. And if you want to do with the hands of professional service provider then go with SEO Services in Kerala and enjoy the quality links.

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