How To Install LED Downlights


There is no rocket science as to the installation of LED downlights; it is as simple as the incandescent bulbs. However, they have their own built in transformers and hence you will have to put them away from your mains alternation current (AC 110-230V). You just need to plug in the LED downlight and hence then observe the lights work!

There is also the DIY situation which you can get to by without installing transformers on each and every light.

What Should I Keep In Mind When Installing LED Downlights?

You need to bear in mind the fact whether your LED downlight will be running off the current which is direct (DC 12V) or whether or not you have the option to make the lights dimmer. However, the common thing that you need to note is that you have the appropriate hardware setup to make sure that the LED lights you use last longer and shine brighter than ever.

If you want to run the lights off the direct current, there are different requirements for it; you will have to purchase the MR16 downlights which are kind of the socket lights. Also, you need to make sure that the exact transformer is installed in your lights. The magnetic transformer is the most commonly used device that most homes used for power modulating and the type that is required in the respective transformer.

These lights are fairly cheap and are widely distributed so you should have no problem in finding them in the nearest possible store.  Additionally, bear in mind that you cannot run the LED downlights on an electronic transformer, also known as the ‘switch mode power supply’. So, before you install the LED downlights, have some electrician come to your place and observe if there is any change of transformer required.

What Else Do I Need To Keep In Mind?

You should make sure that you don’t run the LED lights from a variety of different lighting technologies. If you use all of them on the same 12V circuit, you may observe that none of them work at all. You can expect an LED system on a 12V or all halogens.

If you want the option of changing the intensity of the lights, get the dimmable LED downlight option and install it in the switch. This will help you change the level of lights you have to display.

Again, you need to ensure that 12V LED downlight has magnetic transformers or the bell push dimmer. LED downlights can really turn your home/workplace into a beautiful lightinghub!

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