How To Forge Better Online Connections With Your Customers

American e-commerce sales are up to almost $700 billion dollars a year. In fact, there are almost 200 million online shoppers in America. Establishing and maintaining positive connections with your online customers is vital for your overall success. Here are three ways to improve your relationship with online customers and make the experience better for you and them.


According to Entrepreneur, establishing long-term connections with customers goes beyond being able to offer excellent products or services. In fact, a personal touch is needed to create and maintain a relationship. For example, model your online business after a real store. While your employees will not be able to know the personal details about online customers, they will be able to access the customer account, marketing, and analytics data in order to provide a more customized customer experience. Big data analytics go beyond creating targeted ads and personalized search results. Use the data to send out meaningful content and offer valuable discount offers to your customers based on their shopping history and preferences.

Use Social Media

Social media is more than just having an active Facebook business profile. Use your social profile to connect with customers more personally, and allow them to create their own content. Customer driven content is a great way to attract more customers and keep their attention. If possible, allow members to create polls on your social media platforms. They not only provide a medium for customer service, but also enable you to keep conversations going with followers. A business blog will allow you to provide business and industry news, and will encourage online discussions. Promptly and professionally deal with any posted negative feedback since companies that respond to all feedback seem more trusted and reliable by online consumers. Keep in mind that many online shoppers click on product links or read product-related comments posted by their Facebook friends, so even if you’re not getting shares, you may be getting reads.

Offer Traditional Customer Service

While more and more online customers rely on their mobile phones and the Internet to shop and communicate with companies, not all customers are dependent on technology. A call service company like One Touch Direct, will allow you to personally answer and help customers in a way the Internet cannot. Some customers still want to talk to another person directly to solve a problem quickly or place an order. Direct contact with customers is still the best way to elicit feedback, increase customer satisfaction, and solve problems in a timely manner. In the end, being able to talk to a human being without dealing with email and websites will keep certain customers coming back.

To recap, online customer connections can be improved through personalizing the online experiencing and using social media to your advantage. While online customer service is important, consider offering a call service option for your customers as well. If you know where your shoppers are, what they want to find, use your different strategies to give a more personalized experience. Satisfied online shoppers will keep coming back and can improve your numbers.

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