How To Effectively Sort Through Resumes When Hiring

If you are a hiring manager, the good news is that we are living in an employer’s market. The bad news is …we are living in an employer’s market. With upwards of 300 applicants per posting, sorting through resumes to find the absolute best applicant can be a huge time drain even for organizations staffed with human resource personnel. For a small or mid-size company, the task can be overwhelming. Businesses know that hiring the wrong person for the job can be costly.

• The time and expense of training an employee is lost

• There may be additional outlay if a recruiter is engaged to restart the process

• Productivity may lag during the search for a replacement

• High turnover rates affect employee morale

With those issues in mind, the initial contact should have the twin goals of sifting through the pile for quality applicants and managing the search, so it is quick and thorough.

It is infinitely easier to devise a system to comb through resumes by requiring electronic submissions. Since employers are legally obligated to retain applicant information on file for up to two years, tracking submission dates is also simplified. Additionally, electronic submissions mean a selection method can be devised with the use of key words. You may choose to target the applicant’s location to narrow the search if the preference is not to deal with relocation issues. Degrees and certifications can be sought within the pile if that is of importance to the hiring manager. Obviously, job titles can take precedence over other criteria. Spelling and formatting errors can be quickly identified as disqualifiers.

Many hiring managers maintain three types of applicant folders in consideration of employment. The employees who are in the top folder and show the greatest potential can then advance to the next round of selection. To comb through the volumes of resumes in a thorough and systematic manner, you might want to try BambooHR’s applicant tracking system. It is sleek and seamless software that tracks data and sends crucial reminders. It can be used in multiple locations and makes spreadsheet data management seem like child’s play.

The right employee can become the lynchpin of an organization, generating impressive sales revenue, implementing better technology or managing staff during a difficult transition. The selection process may not be as difficult as finding a needle in a haystack but without the right approach, it can sure seem like it is.

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