How To Conduct An Effective Board Room Meeting In China

A board room meeting is usually participated by higher echelons of companies and corporations. It is usually conducted in their own office building. However, some board room meetings are held outside of the office; hence why there is a need for a board room booking. Some of the situations which calls for this arrangement is when one of the most important members of the board cannot make it to headquarters and insists that it shall be done in places where he or she is in places such as China or Hong Kong. It can also be because they need to be in the actual place where an issue is of grave concern. Whatever the reasons, one should not forget how to prepare for a board meeting. Here are some reminders.

  • Location
  • It doesn’t have to be the same as what you have in your head office. What’s important is that the venue has almost the same ambience and offers the same set of facilities. It helps when the board room meeting room has some sort of familiar set up so that participants are comfortable while inside.

  • Setting Up House Rules
  • Since it is a free for all situations even if there is an agenda, rules must be in place for a chaos free and orderly meeting. Some of the rules that are helpful include speaking only when recognized, raising a hand when one wants to be heard, letting the speaker finish before interrupting and sitting personal assistants at the back.

  • Seating Arrangement
  • For an orderly meeting, it pays that conflicting personalities should not be seated alongside each other. Those with opposing views should not face each other. Respect with titles and positions are also important.

  • Agenda
  • This must be distributed prior to the meeting. Participants must have clear ideas on what is to be discussed, so that they can prepare for their discussion and other relevant topics. At the same time, it will provide the direction of the meeting. As such, no irrelevant matters are be discussed except in other aspect of the board room meeting.

  • Leadership
  • It can be chaotic; thus, the presiding leader of the meeting should command leadership in order for ideas to be discussed with rationale instead of emotional outpouring. Control is important during meetings especially if people with big stature and of course egos participate.

  • Facilities
  • Check if projectors, video conferencing, and other meeting facilities are working. If possible, there should be reserve units so that in case it malfunctions during the course of the meeting, it can easily be remedied. Also, prepare a soft copy for emergency purposes so that participants will have something to read on and follow while you conduct presentation minus the gadgets.

It is not difficult to manage a board room booking to hold a meeting. It is more challenging to find ways to maintain harmonious meetings. In order to have it, preparation is a must as suggested in the above ideas. Always remember that board room meetings are not your regular office meeting.

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