How Time and Attendance Software Can Help With Absence Tracking

Are you looking for a better way to track employee absence?  If so, you’re just the type of person that can benefit from time and attendance software.  For smaller companies, it might be easy to keep track of one or two employees’ absences, but once you start dealing with a dozen or more, it can be downright time consuming and frustrating.

Taking time out of your own schedule to track absenteeism can lead to even more loss of work time, further compounding the problem.  Instead, implementing a stronger system to track, monitor and manage employee absences will make your company a more streamlined and effective profit-making machine.

What is Absence Management Software

With the addition of Absence Management Software, you’ll be able to track and manage all of your employee absences with just a couple clicks of your mouse.  This is possible thanks to Time and Attendance Software that gathers information from all of your employees and puts it directly into a system interface.  Then, all a user has to do is log into the system and access all of the data, statistic and trends on each of your employee’s absences.

You can view individual or whole data results, managing them with special tools that are completely customizable to meet your industry standards.  No matter which sector of the workforce you’re in, your management needs will be met. Whether it’s a turnkey type system or if you just need to meet one specific goal, Time and Attendance Software will deliver exactly what you need every time.

Absence Tracking with Trends and Stats

By monitoring your employee’s absenteeism, you’ll be able to not only highlight problem areas, but also figure out ways to improve and control absences moving forward.  This means you can make your employees more productive, reducing your overhead.

You’ll be able to set up an unlimited amount of absence codes, each of which can be used to represent all of the different types of absences, for example:

  • Planned sick leave
  • Vacation
  • Personal leave
  • Holiday
  • Unplanned sick leave
  • Personal leave

System managers will be able to access the system and analyze trends for individual employees, groups or the company as a whole.  Categories of absenteeism can be viewed as percentages, making absence tracking and analyzing simple.  The system can also send warnings to all concerned parties when an employee’s absence rate or trend violates company policy.

With Time Attendance Software, each employees sets up a personal absence profile that they update each day through a number of fast, easy methods.  The employees can then log into their account and track their own profiles, giving them better tools to manage their own absenteeism.  This makes each employee more aware and ultimately, more accountable for their own actions.  They can see how many sick and personal days they have remaining, how often they’ve been absent, and so on and so forth.

Managers will also be able to view trends such as recurring absences after long weekends and other problematic behavior.  They can then address these problems quickly and directly, nipping any further troublesome trends in the bud before they effect productivity and output.

How Employees Use Time and Attendance Software

There are a number of ways that Time and Attendance Software can be implemented.  Here are the most popular methods companies choose to perform their Absence Tracking:

  • PC Based Clocking:  Web-based application that users register for, allowing them to manage their time via the web.  No software needed on client PC.
  • Land-line Clocking:  This utilizes landlines that are already in place, providing you with a fast and cost-effective method to clock employee’s time.
  • Mobile Phone Clocking:  This puts your employee’s time and attendance check-ins right into the palm of their hands.  Compatible with all smartphones, company phones and carriers.
  • Web SMS / Text Alert Clocking:  This allows employees to text their employee number to a virtual cell number.  The data is then submitted into the Time and Attendance Software system for instant retrieval.
  • Clocking Terminals: Companies with larger numbers of employees often choose to install a clocking terminals throughout the worksite.  This allows employees to place their finger on a biometric scanner and immediately be clocked in/out.
  • Desktop Biometric Clocking:  If clocking terminals are too big for your operation, individual desktop biometric clocking terminals are available at just a fraction of the cost.

The bottom line is that there are so many ways that Time and Attendance Software can be implemented, integrated and utilized, your company can only benefit from its use.

Author Bio – This article is written by Glen Quinn from Advance Systems, a premier company providing state-of-the-art work force management solutions like absence tracking, scheduling software etc. To find out how you can get started with time and attendance software for your company, do check out their webpage today.

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