How Summer Heat Affects Machining Efficiency

The hot days of summer can impact the efficiency of your machinery inside your industrial facility. Excessive heat can cause your machines to not work as well and hinder your productivity. Being aware of what can happen to your machines in the summer heat will allow you to take measures to resolve any problems to mitigate the effects of summer on your company’s workflow.

Less Cooling Power

If you have any cooling machines in your facility, they will have more difficulty maintaining colder temperatures when the summer heat intensifies. The increased external heat forces the machines to work harder and use more energy to maintain the same internal temperatures, which also can shorten their lifespan. High temperatures may also affect the efficiency of your facility’s air conditioning, which can make it more difficult for your employees to stay productive and may even lead to health problems. When employees are overheated, their brains become distracted by the efforts of maintaining healthy internal temperatures. This can lead to a decrease in focus and an increase in mistakes due to heat stress. As coming summers threaten to be scorching, it’s important to ensure that your HVAC systems are ready to take on the extra load and that your buildings are insulated to prevent too much heat from getting into the work floor.


Overheating is one of the biggest problems that inhibits machinery performance. Excessive heat usually causes machines to work harder than normal, which can make them wear down quicker. Machines that need to work harder because of the heat also require more energy to operate, which can cause your company’s utility bills to skyrocket. Because of this, it’s essential that you replace your milling machine coolant and other cooling and lubricating fluids at the start of summer so that your machines are getting the best cooling effects when they need it the most. Keeping your machines cool also reduces the release of heat into the workplace, saving strain on your HVAC systems and making a safer workplace for your employees.

Wire Troubles

High heat can also cause problems for the wires that power your equipment. The increased resistance from high temperatures may cause the current traveling through a wire to transmit faster than what’s considered ideal, which can damage both your wiring and machinery. Intense summer heat can also dissolve the plastic insulation surrounding the wire and cause the wire to become brittle. It’s always a good idea to inspect and test your wires regularly during the hottest days of summer to make sure there are no problems. On top of frequent inspections, keeping the overall temperature of the workplace and the machines themselves at manageable levels is the best way to prevent electrical failure.


If summer heat is especially intense, it could melt certain mechanical components and damage your machines. Adhesive materials that are used to hold parts of machines together could melt and cause machine components to shift or fall off completely. Melting components can also cause switches on your machines to become loose, which might make your machinery ineffective or dangerous to operate. While most milling machines are built to withstand high temperatures, it’s important to do regular inspections for any damage or signs of melting that may have occurred during the hot seasons.

Finding ways to beat the heat will be especially important if your facility has a lot of machines that are vulnerable to high temperatures. Inspecting all machines and their components frequently on hot summer days can help you stay in business and avoid problems.

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