How Smart CEOs Increase Employee Productivity

Increasing productivity is another alternative to new hires.

Productivity is the key to a successful business, because non-productive employees can cut deeply into your bottom line. Keeping your employees motivated to contribute more to make your business thrive is not always easy, but there are a few simple things you can do to keep morale up and work flow moving.

Communicate On A Personal Level

While technology has made it easy to text or shoot off an email, getting to know your employees by communicating face-to-face is important. Whether it be one-on-one or in group meetings, let your employees know that they are not just a cog in a wheel. Feeling like you are one of them and involved directly with their work creates an atmosphere conducive to increased individual effort. In smaller organizations, learn something personal about every new employee so you can connect to them through some shared interests, such as music or sports.

Consider Skills and Behavior When Assigning Tasks

It is important to get to know your employees’ individual strengths and personality types to ensure maximum productivity. For example, an extroverted self-starter would be better at sales or in a collaborative team, while an introverted detail-oriented person might be better at accounting or intricate design tasks where they can work alone. They could probably both do either job. However, finding the right fit and creating groups that work well together are more effective than the ones that just work. Placing people in positions where they are ill-equipped to excel creates frustration and dissatisfaction, both killers to productivity. Having someone feel like they’re succeeding in a position often makes them want to work harder and use those personal skills to highlight new and effective ways to facilitate their position. It’s like spoons and forks. They are both integral utensils, but knowing when to use which one maximized everyone’s efficiency.

Keep Your Space Maintained to Avoid Distractions

A poorly maintained working space can create distractions and frustrations that affect productivity. Rattling pipes, a leaky roof or a dirty carpet can not only cause dissatisfaction and noisy distractions, but problems such as mold, which can contribute to physical illness and increased sick days that cut into your bottom line. For example, hiring commercial roof services for needed repairs can pay for itself over time in less downtime and increased productivity.

Provide Incentives for Success

Give your employee’s reasons to be more efficient. Small gestures, like personally congratulating them for a job well done, makes them feel appreciated and more likely to increase productivity. Take their individual preferences and needs into account when dishing out rewards. While one person may prefer to receive a reward publicly in front of the team, another may prefer a more personal touch, like an extended lunch with the boss, or being allowed to leave early one day.

Keeping your employees’ needs first and foremost in your business plan can make your profits soar, while ignoring their needs and preferences can put your profits in the ditch. Making an extra effort to keep them happy is well worth it in keeping your productivity high.

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