How Smart Business Owners Keep Their Employees In The Know

While it is true that employers try to keep their employees in the dark, thinking to control their views about company operations, more effective managers strive to keep employees up to date and knowledgeable about company policies. Communication plays a vital role in business success, so employers who maintain clear, open communication on topics that follow are likelier to have secure, committed, hardworking employees.


Although each employee does not need to know everything about the organization, it helps if everyone has a general idea of how the company works. Understanding the big picture of company-wide operations will ensure that employees perceive the ways in which their roles contribute to overall company success.


Every employee should be made aware of company policies that relate to their job. These often include everyday aspects of employee compliance such as attendance, onsite smoking, and sexual harassment, to name a few. However, issues that are less common should likewise be accessible and clearly explained at some point during the employee’s tenure to ensure they know the company’s stand on certain issues and what to do if the issue involves them in some way. Examples include: workers’ compensation and family leave provisions.

Products and Services

Company products should be generally understood by employees so that if asked a question, they can answer it or refer the person to the correct department. Developing a sense of appreciation for the company mission, vision, and goals can inspire employees to take pride in their work and enjoy a sense of connection through the company. Some organizations provide samples to employees, while others offer product descriptions, to keep everyone in the loop about what the company does.

Milestones and Goals

Often, the company owners will host a special event to commemorate an historical achievement that serves not only as a landmark but also as an incentive for ongoing or future successes. This helps to get employees on board with current initiatives. Celebratory events also anticipate future success by emphasizing the exciting prospects of future goals being met. The more that employees develop awareness of the company’s past, present, and future by placing it in context, the better chance there will be of that employee becoming appreciative of the company’s historical growth and future prospects.

Communication is vital to keep employees in the organizational loop. An insightful business owner will make efforts to include employees in company processes, decisions, and celebrations.

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