How Psychometric Test Helps To Determine The Personality Traits Of A Candidate

The psychometric test is used to determine the skill of an individual. It assumes an essential part of the screening procedure. Few decades back, screening process requires much time but it has become easy these days.  For as far back as a couple of years, recruiters utilize psychometric test to evaluate the skill and knowledge of a person who participates in the interview. In order to hire potential candidates, the psychometric test is used.

There are a lot of psychometric tests out there, but aptitude test and technical test are the most used type of psychometric tests. Here is some most important type of test that helps in assessing the personality traits of a candidate.

  • IQ Test :

This test is used to evaluate the aptitude and intelligence of a candidate. By qualified in IQ test, an individual is suitable for the particular job. It compromises of questions contain verbal ability and logical questions.  Measuring the mental ability of a candidate is bit difficult this is why IQ test came into existence.

  • Big Five Profile :

In order to evaluate the personality traits, some psychometric test like Big Five profile has been introduced. It contains series of questions and candidates have to choose which one they agree. From this test, the recruiter will be able to identify candidate’s personality traits such as Extroversion, Neuroticism, Agreeableness, and Conscientiousness etc.

  • Interest Inventory : 

The interest inventory is widely used by human resource professionals, career centres, and educational institutions. It is the ideal test for assessing the motivation, aim, and aptitude of a candidate. It is being used in some corporate culture to ensure candidates are matched to the chosen job.

  • Management Style Inventory 

By implementing this test, recruiters will be able to determine on which field a candidate needs improvement. Also, a recruiter can determine a candidate’s strength, weakness, style, and similar endeavours. It is widely used by a chief executive, project Manager, strategist, motivator, entrepreneur, and manager and Human Resource manager.

  • CTPT 100 : 

It comprises set of RASCH based questionnaire, which can be used for executive and managerial level candidates. The main purpose of this test is to evaluate the personality traits and behavioural competencies. Based on the scorecard, the recruiter can classify the candidate’s ability into four major groups: task management, self-management, change management and people management.

  • Sales Profile :

It is used to determine whether a student is suited for some sales oriented jobs. It is widely used in sales related job such as B2B sales, Technical sales, and Telemarketing. A candidate has to choose one of the two options from the questions based on which sales personality is determined.

  • Personality Indicator :

It contains set of questionnaires which are used to get an overview of a candidate’s personality traits such as Sensing, Intuition, Feeling, Thinking, Extroversion, Introversion and lots more. The test pattern will contain series of statements where a candidate is required to either agree or disagree. For banking and public sectors, online banking aptitude test is widely used.

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