How Online Reviews Can Boost or Stagnate Your Business Growth

Many business managers know the importance of online reputation management. It is true that online reviews can increase the revenue of your business. This article points out reasons why online reviews are valuable for any company, despite the industry landscape.

Building Brand Confidence

Small businesses don’t have well-known brands names like Dell or Microsoft, and customers know what to expect from these famous companies even without reading the online reviews. When customers don’t know what to expect from your company, they would want to first build confidence in your business before purchasing products or services from your newer and small company.

One way to build the customers’ confidence is by allowing the customer to consistently see positive online reviews demonstrating that your company is devoted to offering excellent products.

The more your company’s product or services sell, the more likely those customers will want to do business with your company. In essence, the quality of your product and services will have just as much impact on future sales as any fancy sales strategy. Happy customers will leave positive reviews, and you won’t have to do a thing beyond providing superior service and products to benefit from them.

Good online reviews not only promote your company’s brand, but also offer you great value suggestions. With positive reviews, prospective clients turn into an established client base. More potential customers will stop searching if they find negative reviews or cannot find any reviews at all regarding your company’s services or products. You can see the impact of positive reviews by checking out reviews for ACN.

Lead Generation

The prevailing trend is that customers research a professional service provider or your company by reading online reviews. Real Self, Angie’s List, and Yelp are the common review aggregator sites used by customers to search for a particular service. Customers conduct their research when close to making a buying decision; as such, reviews often hit clients who are buried in the buying funnel.

It implies that a customer who reads reviews before spending is a professional lead since the customer is ready to pay. As such, positive reviews are a great way to win over such customers easily and close the purchase without any hitch. A good ranking on review sites like Yelp, Real Self, and Angie’s List undoubtedly bring you more business and new customer leads.


Both positive and negative reviews can be helpful for any business’s growth. While negative reviews are undesirable, negative reviews help business managers to identify places that need improvement. Through the internet, a customer can quickly identify companies that don’t run an honorable business. As such, company managers have to sit down and make changes where customers have complained.

You can also fight negative or unfair press by attempting to address the concerns of reviewers themselves. Many sites allow businesses to comment on those negative reviews in the attempt to remedy whatever issue they had. This approach also puts the company in a good light to review readers since your company is directly addressing the concern in a public forum.

Marketing Technique

Today, email and social media marketing utilize customer reviews as testimonial content formats. On the other hand, LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter can also be easily used to share a current customer review. Either way, as a company manager you would want to display evaluations in a manner that excites the customer to go ahead and make a purchase from your company.

Nowadays, before any customers buy a product online, the customer would want to conduct an online search for the particular company. That’s why online reviews are crucial since they assist customers to choose which services or products to purchase. Companies that allow positive reviews to do the marketing have a better chance of gaining revenue by putting more focus on better customer experiences.

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