How Nigeria is Building First Rate Medical Research Facilities

For years there has been a distinct lack of first rate medical care in African countries such as Kenya and Nigeria. One of the strongest contributing factors to this is the ‘brain drain’ currently being experienced by these countries. Highly trained medical professionals that can stay home and help in their own countries continue to emigrate to Europe and the United States, as well as other western countries, in order to practice. This may be attributed to Africa’s lack of advanced facilities which enable these professionals to both practise and advance their skills, researching and mastering new techniques.

Fortunately, this tidal wave of human capital is now beginning to turn. Hospitals and healthcare and research facilities are being built across the continent of Africa, and training programmes are being put in place to train doctors, nurses and other healthcare workers in professional techniques and standards. The building of physical infrastructure is keeping many of these professionals, who in the past would emigrate due to lack of opportunity, at home, benefitting the continent. This building boom is being funded and completed by a unique combination of private, government and charitable resources banding together for the greater good of the nation.

Healthcare Building Booms

As stated, developing countries are currently experiencing healthcare building booms resulting in devoted children’s hospitals and research facilities promoting research and treatment. Facilities such as these give professionals a chance to practice and make a difference to the lives of those in their home areas, as well as eliminating the desire to emigrate for the purposes of world-class facilities and training.

At The Forefront

At the forefront of this clinical building boom and push to raise the standards of medical care is Dr. Tunji Olowolafe (also known as Olatunji Olowolafe), the CEO of Deux Projects International. Under the guidance of Dr. Tunji Olowolafe, Deux Projects International has built up the physical healthcare infrastructure throughout Nigeria, which in turn has boosted its overall healthcare system. This has provided talented Nigerian health professionals with the necessary facilities and equipment with which to promote first class treatment and care. Consultation on healthcare plans and policy, as well as training for use and maintenance of equipment are also part of the package.

Comprehensive guidance and implementation of healthcare policy will greatly impact not only Nigeria but the region in general. Healthcare professionals, especially high level professionals, would leave the region for places where they could practise at this high level. With world-class hospitals and other health facilities being constructed in Nigeria and throughout the region, the drain of highly trained medical professionals is sure to stop; this can only impact the quality of medical care throughout the region in a positive manner.

Written by: Beginning his working life on construction sites early, Ikenna found he had a talent for organisation of projects and people and quickly moved through the ranks, becoming an accomplished and experienced manager. Ikenna always had a love for the written word and the changes to people’s lives from the infrastructure projects that he worked on gave him plenty of subject material. He has parlayed that into a second career as a writer and is currently writing his first book on “The Effects of Improved Healthcare on the Economic Development of African Nations”.

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