How Important Is The Speed Of Your Website To Your Online Success?

Does it really matter if your website is powerful enough to offer a speedy loading time, even when hundreds or thousands of visitors hit your site at once? YES! The speed of your website can greatly affect its success. Not only can you drive away customers that are interested in your website, but you also hurt the chances that the site will be shared with others. Don’t risk your website’s success. Learn why speed is so important for your website.

Instant Satisfaction

Long gone are the days when you would sip your coffee and wait for a website to load. We now have the ability to steam music and even movies without the dreaded buffering effect. In other words, internet users are use to instant satisfaction. We want websites to load immediately and feel that we shouldn’t have to wait to get information. Should a viewer find the wait to be too long, they will find the information elsewhere.

Irritated Viewers

Most internet users pop online to quickly search out information. These users want to find the information they need quickly and get back to what they were doing. They do not want to sit in front of the computer waiting for a website to load. This causes irritation, especially if the viewer is trying to download something. Your website should be able to quickly load information without the customer having to wait, even if your website is extremely popular.

Lost Viewers

When websites don’t load quickly, viewers go to other websites and, 9 times out of 10, they don’t come back. Losing these viewers can greatly affect the success of your website. Remember, the idea is to hook the viewer so they come back again and again. If your website has a slow load time, the viewer may not even see the information and have no reason to come back.

Lost Potential Viewers

Lastly, when viewers are unhappy, they don’t share your website with others. This means that your website has even less of a chance of being successful. Viewers that are happy with a website will often share the site on Facebook and other social networks to let their friends know about it. Don’t risk thousands of potential viewers by having a slow website.

We live in a world of 4G and DSL connections, some users have even faster connections, thanks to fiber optic connections. With these fast speeds, and pricey internet bills, users do not want to wait for a website to load. If you want your site to be successful, make sure you’re implementing some sort of regular performance monitoring and make sure it has enough speed to keep viewers happy.

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