How Finding a Job in the Environmental Sectors Got Easier When I Used Ends Job Search

It’s not always easy to find the right position in the environmental sector. Odd since the green side of things is so fashionable, that there aren’t more eco-friendly job facilities on line. Not that there have to be now I’ve discovered Ends Job Search mind.

ENDS, or Ends as a familiar term, is Environmental Data Services – a unique organisationdedicated to bringing environmental awareness to multiple industries. So it’s a pretty unbeatable platform for finding eco-friendly employment.

The Ends Job Search works like any other. You can search using keyword terms, you can do an advanced search or you can browse through three main category streams: job type; location; and sector.

The advanced search works basically by giving you the option to tick or unstick any category in any of the main browsing sections. So you can click multiple locations for instance if you’re interested in working in more than one place – and more than one sector if you have the desire or the expertise for multiple potential job types.

You can also add filters for hours (full time or part time); job type (temp, perm or contract); and even job provider type – recruitment agency or employer direct.

Obviously no job site works well by just showing you what’s out there, or by letting you find what you need. The Ends Job Search gives you opportunities for advancement, for expanding your CV and making yourself more palatable to prospective employers.

By uploading a CV you can let people find you as well as you finding them. You’re also able to get first dibs on the jobs you want, by creating preferences for an email alert to notify you when they become available.

The site also collects careers advice from consultants and respected environmental professionals – and delivers bulletins on the current state of the green sector through a variety of ENDS surveys and reports.

The Ends Job Search also has a recruiter A to Z – a directory of every employer offering jobs on the site. So you can target your job hunting by looking for specific organisations or people, as well as by looking in pre-ordained sectors or market areas.

It pays to do your research. If you’re looking for a job in a green company, or working with a green mandate, you need to find out who’s employing who, where and when. And you need to know which companies or contractors are considered to be authoritative or good to work for.

Building a career in the green sector will require you to work with companies providing new forms of energy; or with companies trying to change existing formats of work into more eco-friendly patterns. As such, reputation is key. The most exciting work and the most potentially fruitful engagements are usually the ones offered by the companies with reputations for forward thinking, innovation and good science.

You can find out more about current green opportunities by looking at the jobs and suppliers on the Ends Job Search.

About Author: Olivia  is a freelance copywriter and environmentalist. She’s currently working with Ends Job Search promoting a variety of jobs and specialist jobs in the conservation sector.

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