How Do You Calculate Your Return on Investment in Social Media?

Social Media has become one of the most popular marketing forms. There are a lot of social media sites to choose from, when it comes to promoting your Online Business. In order to market via sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Digg, you will have to spend time and money as well. It is therefore important to know how to calculate your return on investment from social media. Below are some of the factors you can consider in your return of investment calculation:

The Value of Your Content

Your content, the information you put on your page on social media is the one that brings you returns, via online sales. It should therefore be engaging so as to motivate the potential buyer to buy the product.

The value of your content on Social Media can be measured by analysis of the number of people who read it, and later buy the product from the site. This shows how effective your Social Media content is in resulting in online sales. A lot of tools are available to help you measure the number of people who purchase a product from the site, after reading your content on Social Media

You can measure the value of your social media content by analyzing how many people who read the content visit your site to buy its products. This shows the effectiveness of the site’s content in bringing online sales. There are lots of tools that you can use to measure the number of people arriving at your site to buy products after reading the content in your social media pages.

The Value of Your Advertising

The value of your advertising is simply the number of people who develop an interest in what your company has to offer by reading your advertisements on Social Media Pages. For Instance, if you put up a one page advert on Facebook on a hot product sold by your company, its ROI can be measured by the number of people who buy it after reading the advert on Facebook. You can get to know how fast the adverts’ content reaches out to others and gets followings from fans.

Your Lead and Sales Value

This is getting to know the exact number of people who actually purchase a product, after visiting your site via social media pages. Every time a sale is made to someone who laded your site via social media pages, the implication is that the social media page convinced them to purchase the product. That comes forth as a good sales value which has offered a profitable lead. If your page on social media is able to lead to sales that are considerable, then it is a highly productive page which is able to give good results.

Support Value

What support does Social Media give to marketing strategies that are already existent? Does the Social Media Page lead to higher degrees in sales than other forms of marketing? If it does, then it is a vital part of your strategy of marketing, and gives good results. If it doesn’t, what can be done to improve its returns?

Research Value

This is a crucial criterion of measuring your ROI on Social Media. It measures your social media pages via a number of research tools, and clearly shows how well they bring in conversions. It does this by monitoring the visitor’s behavior before visiting the page on social media, and after they visited it, how fast they visited the site to purchase the product after reading the advert on the social media page, whether they visited other sites for further information, and finally purchased the product, among other things. There are a numbers of research analytics which show your social media page’s performance, in situations that are different, which is very helpful in determining how efficient the page is when used as a strategy in marketing.

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