How Different Types Of Label Applicators Serves For Different Purpose?

Labelling and packaging is a part of the effective marketing strategy. Attractive packaging and labelling of a product has the capacity to lure the customers towards buying that product. Label applicators are those machines that apply pressure receptive labels automatically to a product. These machines maximize the speed and accuracy of labelling which is not possibly if labelling is done manually. Some applicators only paste the pre printed labels on to the packages while other applicators first print the labels and then paste them on the required packages. In this article some of the types of the applicators are discussed, have a look at these.

Roll on Applicators: The products on which the labelling is to be done move on a conveyor belt and the applicator rolls on the labels on the products as the products are moving. The label applicator must feed in the labels in the same direction and speed as that in which the products are moving.

Brush on Applicators: This kind of label applicators is suitable for products having irregular shape or rugged surfaces where roll on applicators will not work because of the irregularity of the sized of the packages.

Blow on Applicators: As the name sound, these applicators literally blow the labels onto the products through a controlled air blaster. However large products with larger surface area may complain about the accuracy of labelling by this applicator sometimes. For small products these applicators are absolutely fine.

Vacuum Grid Applicators: The labels are peeled on a spring vacuum grid and rolled on to the products. Products having a convex surface find these applicators effective. These applicators can put labels to those corners of the products where other applicators cannot reach.

Air Cylinder Applicators: These applicators have a combination of vacuum pad and air cylinders in them. The labels that have to be inserted onto the packages are first placed on the tamp pads with an air blaster and then the tamp pads are held onto the exact position on the products using the vacuum systems.

Apart from these there are Semi automated applicators, Stand alone applicators and Integrated Automated applicators. These applicators are described below in details for your ready references.

Semi Automated Applicators: These applicators have a jig assembly or a fixture where into the products are to be placed. Then using a foot pedal that is installed in the applicator, the labels are applied on the products.

Standalone Applicators: These applicator has a portable head mounted on the machine itself. The applicators of this kind have the advantage of being able to be installed in other conveyors and then in combination with the other machines the labelling is done.

Integrated Automated Applicators: This is a cost effective turnkey solution to huge labelling process. The products to be labelled move along a conveyor and an applicator head mounted on the machine does the labelling when each product comes in front of the machine.

These applicators increase the efficiency and accuracy of the labelling systems. Multiple products can be labelled simultaneously using these applicators.

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