How Can Web Design Firms Get The Best Of Clients’ Testimonials?

For majority of artists, money comes late in their priority list when it comes to get rewarded for their art work. Same is the case with many highly credible website design companies; they care about certain other things more than money. Clients’ responses or “testimonials” happen to be one such highly sought after reward by many web design companies.

However, when it comes to clients responding to what web design firms do for them, they seem quite reluctant with furnishing worthwhile testimonial to their respective design firms, no matter how pleased they are by their designing efforts. There can be many reasons for that, but the question remains whether there is something web design firms can or should do to get the deserving testimonials from their clients. The answer is “yes”, to the relief of many. Given below are few tips that can help designers with getting the best of what they need:

Using Genuine Responses as Testimonials

Website design firms should get rid of the perception that they need some kind of formal written testimonial from their clients by any law or obligation. Much better to their use can be the exclamation marks and the genuine responses their clients express for the very first time they see their web design projects done, rather than waiting for a dull and expression less formal testimonial mailed to them a week later. It is much better for a web design firm to pay attention to the genuine response of their clients and turn them into testimonials for improved results.

Don’t Confine Yourself to Clients Only

Another most common perception that prevails in the industry wrongly is that one needs to stick to client response only. The fact of the matter is that there is nothing that obligates design firms not to deviate from this useless convention. If a design firm is praised by someone famous (like some celebrity, industry gurus, colleagues), they should simply post it to their portfolios so that other people get to know about their high quality of work being praised by renowned people.

Don’t Sound Boring

Some web design services providing firms simply replicate the whole lengths of well thought out formal praise letters sent to them by their clients containing all sort of dumb and vernacular diction that might serve to bore a reader rather than generating a sense of curiosity or interest in them. It is much better if the firm simply cuts the formal gibberish out and presents the core message that can be helpful in grabbing attention of new prospect clients.

Get it ASAP!

Some website companies get into unnecessary delay in getting and posting a client testimonial. It is not advisable at all. Not reaching clients for a testimonial can be dangerous in many ways, such as:

  • Clients can simply forget how much they loved a web design firm’s work if lot of time passes in between
  • They are lured to serve the designer firms by complicated and lengthy formal testimonials instead of genuine responses that might come to them if asked for response well within time


The fact of the matter is that clients want to be assured of good results in return of their investments and positive testimonials from previous clients can help them convince a great deal to land into a contract with your web design firm. Make sure to follow the tips mentioned above for getting the better of client testimonials for your web designing firm.

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