How Can An Online Insurance Form Help Your Insurance Agency?

Everyone hates insurance forms. Customers are often times bewildered with a long list of questions and requests for information. Insurance agents hate having to keep track of all of the endless papers and constantly attempt to explain the various components of the forms to their confused customers. However, through the use of online insurance forms, getting insurance and gaining new insurance customers is getting much easier. Here are 5 ways that your insurance agency can benefit from using an online insurance form.

1. Stay Organized

One of the biggest benefits for using an online insurance form is that it allows you to stay organized. You can use software to create a simple form that will keep track of all of your important information. All information will be stored in one main database. You will also be granted the ability to sort, filter, and search through your data for a specific document. Mark your most important documents and tasks with flags to ensure they get done first.  All paperwork will stay safely secured in one single platform. No more searching for that one insurance form among a piled of scattered papers!

2. Work More Quickly

The insurance forms will allow you to process insurance quotes in a quick and efficient manner. It will also allow you to approve insurance certificates and create PDF contracts instantly. You can create the form, fill out the form, and process it all in one single meeting!  Have your customer sign the form with an electronic signature to confirm all of the details. No faxing required! This will help your insurance agency offer better customer service and increase your customer service rating.

3. Follow Up

When working with potential clients it is crucial to follow up with them about insurance quotes, insurance applications, and other additional information. An online insurance form will help you store and organize all potential customers and make a note of who to follow up with. In addition, every time a potential customer fills out your form you will receive and email to help you keep track of potential customers.

4. Offer Security

But is it secured? Online forms may actually be MORE secured than offline forms! You’ll never have to run the risk of losing a customer’s important, personal information. Everything will stay put in one secured place. Online insurance forms offer PCI certified security. This means that they offer the same SSL protection as banks and the same encryption practices as the military. Customer information will never be at risk.

5. Give Your Customers The Best Deals

One of the best ways to attract new customers is to offer the best possible insurance quotes. Insurance rates are high these days and your customers want to know they are getting the best deals. Online insurance forms will allow you to gain access to the latest insurance quotes for customers, ensuring you offer them the best possible deal. Your customers will thank you!

Does your insurance agency use online insurance forms? How has your experience with them been?

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