Hosting a Seminar: 6 Things You Can Do to Engage the Attendees

Seminars are designed to inform and educate attendees, but one of the biggest mistakes you can make when you’re hosting a seminar is failing to make an effort to keep your audience engaged. If you’re reading from your power point presentation, listing off information, and failing to acknowledge you have a room full of people in front of you, you can easily lose your attendees in 30 seconds or less. Here are 6 things that you can do to engage your seminar attendees so that you’re a successful host:

  • #1: Identifying and Welcoming Attendees

Make sure that everyone attending your seminar has name tags. By doing this, you can take the time to introduce yourself as attendees walk in. This will make your audience feel more connected to you and more open to receiving your message.

  • #2: Design Slides People Want to Look At

You’re going to have some boring slides, but if you throw in slides that people can’t look away from, they’ll continue to pay attention to the visuals within you presentation. Your layout is key if you have charts, data, and images to present. Throw in imaginative images that send a message, are fun, creative, or even humorous, and you’ll increase engagement.

  • #3: Call Out Attendee Names From Time to Time

A creative way to encourage attendees to stay engaged is to have a list of the names of the attendees and call out names from time to time after you present information. By doing this, you can engage the audience to answer your questions about their thoughts, and leave them sweating just in case you call out their name. This will make them pay attention the whole time.

  • #4: Play Fun Music Before the Seminar

Instead of the boring welcome, why not play fun music as the attendees are entering into the building. The music will put your attendees in a good mood, and it will give your attendees the impression that you’re fun and engaging. It also gives everyone something to talk about before you start speaking.

  • #5: Play Some Type of Game

Games are great because they allow people to use or apply the information they’ve learned. Come up with a short game that everyone will enjoy and increase engagement by catering to competitive spirits.

  • #6: Know Your Audience and Make Them Get to Know You

The worst thing you can do is get straight to the information. If you don’t want to lose your audience immediately, you should tell a story or a fun fact that applies. You need your audience to get a feel for who you are during your introduction so that they can connect with you.

A seminar is only successful if it is informative and engaging. You may have all of the information written on slides, but if you’re not practicing on the engagement aspect, you could be wasting your time. Try these tips, personalize your presentation, and be a great host.

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