Hints On Starting Up A B&B Business

Having your own bed and breakfast might be a dream come true for you. Who wouldn’t like to stay at a romantic room for two, surrounded with antiques and staying warm in front of a brick made fire place. It might sound like a perfect job, but you will have to do a lot more in bed and breakfast then just make coffee and bake brownies. Before turning a property into a bed and breakfast there are certain things you need to know. So here are some helpful things on how to be a great host and run your own B&B.

Starting Off

When starting a new business, the amount of effort that is put into it will reflect the pay-off. The same goes for any bed and breakfast. Before opening the place, make sure to talk with some owners first. Get the idea how it is to own your B&B, how to make it better, how to avoid any beginners mistakes. Bed and breakfast owners should be people persons, because the job description includes that you have to socialize with guests.

Try to find workshops and groups that will help you develop some of the skills required to run this business. Research well before investing money, consider shadowing an innkeeper to try to see how one day in B&B looks like. You will own your own business, but it requires dedication around the clock and you will probably have to work weekends and holidays.

The Location

Location is of utmost importance when opening your own bed and breakfast. Owning the best B&B won’t make a difference if it is not near a destination. If there isn’t anything interesting around, you will have to make your B&B its own destination. If you will use your own home, chances are you will have to remodel. Consider how many people you want to be able to host, that will determine the size of remodeling.

Visitors of B&B’s expect to have their own bathrooms, can you afford to add new ones? You might need to expand your parking space. You can separate the common areas or share them with your guests, it is up to you. The thought of remodeling their house turns people to buying an existing B&B. It is much easier to buy an almost ready bed and breakfast and simply update it a little then to start fresh. Be careful if you are buying B&B, locations is the priority, but also consider the size of the property, the kitchen and the bathroom situation.

Personal Service

This is what separates the bed and breakfast from a hotel, this business is more about taking care of your guests. When starting out have a budget for some basic stuff and then you can upgrade as you earn money. Free breakfast, cable TV, Wi-Fi are some necessities. Bedrooms don’t have to be extravagant or exotic, but they need to be comfortable. You can buy a quality mattress online, and if you want to step up, buy high thread count sheets, wood bedding and add seating areas.

It is all about meeting the demands of your visitors, rain showers, heated towels and hot tubs are things that are common in B&B’s these days. Have extra of everything, buy extra toothbrushes, and face wash, coffee and tea. Room service is also a big plus.
Follow these tips to help you get off to a good start when opening your own bed and breakfast. Don’t forget to do your research first and talk to people who are in the business. They can help you avoid some rookie mistakes.

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