Guide To Recruit The Right Talent In Your Organization

Recruitment lends itself as a potential source of competitive advantage to a firm. An effective approach to recruitment can help a company successfully complete for limited human resources.However recruitment is subject to influence of several factors such as the external and the internal forces in anorganization as well as in the whole process regarding recruitment. Recruitment is represented as the first contact which an organization makes with its potential employees.

A business firm must choose a recruiting approach which produces the best pool of candidates quickly and cost effectively recruitment program is known to help the form in at least four ways:

  1. Recruitment will make sure that there is a match between cost and benefit, thus reducing unnecessary cost on the part of the organization.
  2. Recruitment helps to attract highly qualified and competent people.
  3. Recruitment helps the firm in the creation of more culturally diverse workforce.
  4. Recruitment ensures that the selected candidates stay longer with the company.

Recruitment is amore economic process than selection. The preliminary interview screens most of the applicants who will not be fit for the job, according to the same. The rest of the applicants are passed through the selection tests. The selection procedure is filled with different kinds of tests. Job seekers have to pass through each one of them, in order to be successfully appointed, that is to reach the final stage of selection. Such tests of selection mainly constitute of tests of applicants’ aptitude, personality and ability or achievement.

Aptitude test for interview is the test of determination of a person’s true potential to learn in a given domain. Such tests are only conducted after an applicant successfully passes through the preliminary interview and the selection tests, in order to hide for the next step of employment interview. Owing to the increase in the awareness of the importance of psychometric assessment tests as selection tools in any organization, it is needless to explain how precise and insightful information such a test provides in summarizing a person’s personality, mental and acquired skills.

A completely new person comes for an interview, and he brings up himself in front of the interviewers in his own way. It is quite obvious that every applicant will wish to get selected, and hence quite naturally he will try to carve a good image of his in front of the organizational heads. The faking of information although can be caught by written test and other crossed checks, the faking ofthe confident attitude and personality cannot be perceived so easily.

In such kind of situations making aptitude tests a part of the selection tools, can be very effective, as they are extremely efficient in detecting fakes. This highlights the fact, how indispensable aptitude tests are for selection procedures in organizations. These tests will provide you with a potential hire, just the way you desire,and will only cause good to your company.

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