Growth of Technology for under 10 years of age.

Technology is truly everywhere today and is nowhere more evident than in a child’s hands. Today there are 3 and 4 year olds playing with tablets and 8 year olds frolicking with smart phones and, indeed, prying them away to eat something or go outside has never been more difficult. The draw technology has on children is a strong one and, in most cases, a good one.

If you’re keen on making sure that your child is getting the most out of this new technology like ipads (and not going to the dark side) these next few tips will help you.

It’s key that you don’t let them take all the technology to their bedrooms, they end up sitting on the edge of their stompa cabin beds and never leaving their bedroom for hours and hours on end. Maybe give the technology like an ipad a set time limit. Say 20 mins after dinner, if they’ve eaten all their vegetables. Look at some tech, like you would a can of coke or fizzy sweets.”Tech is a treat”b is my mantra says Anne; who supplies children furniture like the Stompa cabin beds from Room To Grow.

Repetition is something that most parents think is negative but, in fact, can be helpful to a young mind. Watching something over and over can help ‘set’ the images and information in their brain and, if it’s good info like math, abc’s and so forth, it will stay there long term.

Force your children to be actively engaged with the tech. If they’re watching anything on screen stop it occasionally and ask them questions to keep them ‘in the moment’ and thinking about what they’re watching, not just staring blankly.

Newer tablets and smart phones have made the tech experience very tactile, which is a big plus for kids just learning how to use their hands and fingers. There are many apps that allow for this like Montessorium so download them and let them get in touch with their touch.

Let them create. Many of the newest tablets, smart phones and so forth have features that let kids (and adults) get very creative. Music, songs, drawing and the like all get the creative juices flowing.

Many apps on tablets today force your child to problem solve as they go or they can’t progress. That’s frustrating sometimes but actually a great thing because, let’s face it, real life is exactly the same. Apps that do this are all over the place and can be exceptionally helpful for young minds.

Finally, make sure to focus on playtime. Sure there are plenty of drills and tests that they could use but younger kids need to play as well in order to grow. There will be plenty of time to ‘learn’ later.

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