Growing In A Company: 10 Ideas To Show Your Are Committed To Your Work

When you are serious about growing in a company, you have to be willing to work a little harder to get to the top. Here are ten ideas to show you are committed to your work.

Volunteer for Tasks

To show you are committed and ready to move up within a company, don’t be afraid to volunteer for tasks. Show everyone you have initiative and the drive to succeed. Don’t wait for others to assign you work when you can choose your tasks and show your willingness to work.

Speak Up

When you attend meetings, speak up and voice your ideas, concerns, and comments. This shows that you are smart and care about what is happening around you. Sitting quietly may cause others to think you aren’t interested.

Take Good Notes

Always take notes at meetings, conferences, or work sessions. This shows you are paying attention and involved in the work at hand. You may even need to share your notes later with others who weren’t as savvy as you are.

Be a Team Player

When teamwork is needed, be a team player to show your superiors that you work well with others. If a leader is needed, volunteer for the lead position in the group to show your boss that you are a born leader who wants to get ahead at work.

Go the Extra Mile

Take your time, and go the extra mile on all of your assignments. This will show that you pay attention to details and care about your performance. When you are given a project to work on or complete, think through the whole process and what all will be needed for this project. By putting in extra moments and touches such as that it is usually easier for you superiors and they will notice the difference. People tend to remember when you exceed their expectations.

Get to Know Your Colleagues

Take the time to get to know all of your colleagues. Spend time socializing on your breaks or saying hello to everyone. This shows that you can relate to all types of people and you never know when one of these people might wind up as your boss one day.

Ask Questions

Never be afraid to ask questions to ensure that you are completing your tasks correctly. This shows that you are secure and confident enough in your abilities to want to do the best job possible.

Advertise Yourself

When you have done great work, don’t be afraid to take compliments and advertise that good work. Without being cocky, you can celebrate your success!

Keep a Positive Attitude

Never allow anyone, including other coworkers, to hear you speak negatively. Be known for your positive attitude even when you have to fake it.

Further Your Education

Finally, many companies out there will at least support, if not contribute to an employee furthering their education and gaining knowledge that they can bring back to their business. Say for instance you work for an engineering company, by personalty earning an online masters of civil engineering you will become an asset to your company and can better their business efforts.

Once you prove you are committed to your job, you can succeed to any level imaginable!

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