Google+ Hangouts to be made available for Indian Gmail users

Finally, the long wait is over. Google+ Hangouts are now to be made available for Indian Gmail users. The Hangouts will basically replace the good old video chat option from your Gmail. It’s taking video chatting to a whole new level. Like allowing more users to see and interact with each other more like a conference. It is free of charge, and if you’re excited, so am I. Let’s go ahead and take a look at the features of the Gmail Hangouts.


With Hangouts in your Gmail, instead of just one on one video chatting, you are now allowed to add up to 10 persons including yourself to interact with. Along with that, you can do video chatting, and a whole lot more. Setting up a group video chatting is simple and easy, in your Gmail all you have to do is click on the video icon to the right of your picture or avatar. Then select the group that you want to interact with. If you do not have a group yet, then you can add people manually by clicking on add more people and it lets you select the persons you want to mingle with at the moment. After that, all you have to do now is just to click Hangout, and your friends will now start to appear once they approved it. So you can now begin to communicate no problem.


Another feature of the Hangout is the Apps where it has sets of applications that you can choose from and simultaneously work with it while your friends are there. They could also participate on it, like watching Youtube together. Just hit the Apps tab on the upper left hand corner of your screen and select the Youtube app for example. Once you’re done selecting it, just click on Add to this hangout and boom! You and your friends are now seeing a video simultaneously from Youtube. How cool is that? You don’t have to share the link and let them open it one by one; instead you can watch it altogether. If so desired, you can even play games with your friends along the way like Poker.


Moreover, you can share your screen as well. Just click on Screenshare beside the Apps tab and you’re done. You can now let them see remotely what is on your computer. Perfect for showing your friends or colleagues photos or anything that you have not or cannot upload to the web. Furthermore, if you just want to goof around, then you can add effects like wearing a pirate headwear if so desired. If ever you come into trouble with your internet connection, then you can set the bandwidth to ultra-low mode, or if worst comes to worst, then you may opt to just close the video and continue with just the voice enabled.


Overall, it’s a neat little add-on into Gmail. So once this gets live, don’t ever hesitate to try it out and see it first-hand.

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