Google buys links for Chrome?

If the environment Bazzichi SEO for a few years for sure remember the battles fought by Google towards the purchase of a web link at the end of 2007, after several months where the buy and sell links had become a business considerable allowing the enrichment of several subjects (both on the webmaster side marketplaces), who arrived here Some official clarifications, Acts to restore the positions in the field.

These indications were included in the guidelines for webmasters where we read that:

“Buying or selling links that pass PageRank is a practice that violates Google’s webmaster guidelines and can negatively affect a site’s ranking in search results” and still “Google looks in any way to exclude the links intended to manipulate search engine results, such excessive link exchanges and purchased links that pass PageRank”.

So it is absurd to buy their own links Google to push Chrome in the SERPs.
Absurd because the current trend of Chrome would bring him anyway Internet Explorer already exceed this year Even without the aid of techniques such ridiculous to buy sponsored links inside posts.

Yet there are those who he realized – And well-documented – The existence of hundreds of short articles about Chrome, and in the writing “This post is sponsored by Google”.
The posts are part of a campaign sponsored by Google with agreed Digital Essence and then managed by Unruly Media, A company that deals with “social video advertising” and then seed” Promoted Videos – in this case, however, embed the player Unruly within sites and blogs.

Probably webmasters and bloggers were not well educated, probably some did not know that if you put a link in a sponsored post is a must, according to the sacred rules of Google, which is sterilized with the attribute rel = “nofollow”. The fact is that now the omelet is done.
Indeed, it is rebuilt, as already 2 years ago Google was plucked to buy links in Japan, And in that case you auto penalized  (!) Throughout the year, lowering the PageRank 9 to 5.
What will this time, Google will decide what measures to take?

Again, Google has decided to autopenalizzarsi.

Logically, he would have had to disappear from the SERPs certain content not “spontaneous” and of poor quality, however, since that is one of the main objectives targeted by Panda.
In fact, Google has done much more. This fact, the statement Sent from Mountain View to Danny Sullivan of Search Engine Land:

“We investigated and we are doing things manually to get back [in the SERPs] / chrome and lower the PageRank of the site for a period of at least 60 days.
We strive to constantly meet our guidelines for Webmasters in order to provide better results for users.
Although Google has not authorized this campaign, and we find no other violations of our guidelines, we believe that Google needs to adopt higher standards, and therefore we applied harsher actions against us than those that normally apply to a typical website. “

To conclude, I believe that Google should just settle for the self-advertising in the search engine – and trying in every way to make you go to Chrome – avoiding the use of other tools that have proven not to be able to know how to handle well .

Mohit Maheshwari is the CEO and strategist of a Web design india and a digital marketing agency, New Media Guru. He is also an active blogger and loves to share his experience and knowledge of the nmg digital drive, Internet marketing and web design company india.

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