Good Impressions: This Year’s Most Important Digital Marketing Trends

The world of marketing is fluid, changing constantly and rapidly, so it can hard keeping up with all of the latest marketing trends. Since there are over 3 billion people on the planet (almost half of the entire human population) on the web as we speak, digital marketing is easily one of the most important forms of marketing for this day and age. That’s why keeping up with the most popular trends and incorporating them on a website is so vital to success.

Native Advertising

Instead of stuffing the site full of PPC ads, utilize native advertising, which is a form of advertisement that emulates the content already on the site. This can be anything from a video to a long blog post, but it helps with numbers and it’s rising in popularity, so stay ahead of the game and start taking advantage of it.

Content Marketing

In a 600-person poll, 29.6% of all people agreed that content marketing was the most valuable digital marketing tool on the market today. This is because content marketing itself is very versatile and a lot of different material falls under this umbrella. An expert with Meredith Broadcast Digital Solutions says fresh content and powerful tracking tools are key to bringing customers to your business through digital marketing. Starting a blog and using search engine optimization is a great way to take advantage of content marketing.

Quality Content

Even though this isn’t exactly a “trend,” there’s a surge of high quality content spreading through the web lately. This is because Google once again changed its algorithm. The system is able to crawl through content and determine if they’re worth ranking or not based on the quality of their work now. This prevents keyword stuffing, spamming, and a lot of other issues that too many websites were riding on to make money. Actually caring about the content and putting only high-quality content up is the best way to rank with Google now.

Marketing Automation

Marketing automation isn’t anything new — the game has simply changed. Email marketing and social media marketing (both under the umbrella of marketing automation) are important now more than ever, both being in the top five of the most valuable digital marketing tools available. The fact that the majority of marketing automation can be free and easy should be reason enough for anyone to start taking advantage of it.

Over 40% of the entire world’s population uses the Internet. That is indication enough that digital marketing is here to stay for decades to come, so learning the trade and taking full advantage of all of the trends that arise is only in your best interest. This way you can increase your marketing skills, optimize your worth online, and stay ahead of the game on a subject you have to be well versed in.

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