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quick loans

Nowadays when people hear talks of quick loans imagine the typical ad in which a person called by phone and a genius takes you money instantly. So easy and simple that it seems there is no return it. Many people use them to buy the new nespresso or to do with a plasma television presiding salon for when visitors come.


But, what’s true in all this? You must first comment on that a large part of the profits from this business come from calls that do not just in credit, calls from those who are not able to read the small print that quickly goes under the screen while the ad is displayed.


Also need to know that the money you do not given it by the pretty face or knowing either dials the phone number. Want to know how much WINS one month, if it is working. Where and with whom lives, marital status and numbers contained in the bank account, not only those who identify the account but which are followed by the symbol ‘€’.


If you are a waiter who works eventually, perceived about 500€ per month and lives with his parents not give you a € 1,500 credit, even if you have a deadline for return of 3 years.


It is that the same people who four years ago were able to give money to an Audi to a worker newly hired now do not give it to a notary. Credits seem to be now designed for those who don’t need them. It is now when more help needed people who have debts. Those that is “unreliable” for being delinquent. Now is when you need a banking and responsible for financial institutions.


From own individuals, known with the name of private capital, have taken the initiative to offer loans to those who can offer as collateral a home ownership, a family member or a friend. The interest is 20%. It may seem high but individuals are more vulnerable to defaults and uncertainties of a debt to the banks. They are those offered loans to people with debts already incurred and included in lists of defaulters.


It is time to measure the forces and walk with feet of lead. For the majority of Spaniards, the challenge is not to lose what they have rather than increase it. Pay what you owe, be cautious and that not caught him in out of the game.


To conclude this reflection we must not forget the difficulties of the vivid and not fall into the mistakes of the past, thinking that we are rich when we aren’t.

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