Get Your Business Going With A Great Business Card

Whether you work from your kitchen table getting a small business or freelance career off the ground, or are starting to move in pretty impressive circles, having a good business card is a must otherwise you could be missing out on some of the most profitable deals.

Make Yourself Memorable

It is possible to master memory tricks that are supposed to help you to remember people’s names, company details or website addresses, but for most people it is a difficult task. Anyone who has visited a trade fair, industry exhibition, conference or networking event will know that you can meet so many people at these functions that it is impossible to keep track of everyone. Many people find it is the most important names that they forget, making it difficult to make the most of the opportunities you may be chancing upon. If you are attending events as a representative of your employer, then looking efficient and well-prepared will go a long way towards impressing them and winning their business. If you don’t have a way for them to reach you easily then you are missing out on prime chances to improve your network of contacts, find your next supplier or partner or meet your next employee.

Give Yourself A Break

For those who aren’t employed by a company, either because you are a freelancer, self employed or a contract worker, the difference between making a contact and being forgotten could be the difference between paying your bills and struggling. You don’t want to miss any potential contact who could be your next customer or client and you never know who might pass your details on to someone who could send some work your way. A business card is an easy way to share information about you and what you do and because it is so small and easy to carry around, you never need to leave home without one. If you don’t have a huge budget to spend on advertising then you will really appreciate the value of word of mouth recommendations and business cards are a great way of maximising the personal contact you have with people. For a relatively small cost, you can find somewhere to print business cards online and then you need never be without having one in your pocket for anyone you might meet.

Boost Your Business

The advent of the internet may have made it easier to research contacts and find businesses to work for them, but there is something about meeting someone in person which can really help you to make a decision when it comes to doing business. Start-up businesses often find it hard to do the kind of research that larger companies can afford on a new partner or service provider, so considering someone who you have actually met can feel like a much less daunting prospect. It is relatively easy to find a company to print business cards online and you can have them personalised with your company logo, social media details and website so that people can learn more in whichever way suits them best. You can choose from a range of card types and styles meaning your business card can perfectly reflect you and your role.


Cory Marks writes on a range of marketing and business networking topics for publications across the web. She has experience of advising both multinational corporations and small start-ups on the best ways to promote themselves through networking and interpersonal connections and often recommends Peanut Print.

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