Fridge-Freezers – The Genius From Panasonic

It was way back in 1748 when the first artificial refrigeration was demonstrated at the University of Glasgow. The concept involved a thermally insulated compartment along with a heat pump that transfers heat from the interior of the fridge to the external environment in order to keep the inside of the fridge cooled to a temperature below the ambient temperature of the room. Since then, this basic concept has been evolving in better ways and has led to advancement in this appliance.

Panasonic, a renowned electronics multinational has come up with its product i.e. Fridge Freezers and looks to showcase its amazing excellence to the people. The 2 Door Fridge-Freezer has a lot of notable features which it is gifted with. Some of them are:

è Eco Ideas – Thermodynamic cabinet, Inverter Technology

è Fresh Case – that is ideal for storing fish and meat or defrosting food

è Energy Efficiency of A++ Rating with No Frost technology

è Thanks to the Vitamin-Safe technology, it can keep fruits and vegetables fresher longer

è The awesome Hygiene Active eliminates 99.9999% bacterial with the blue LED and silver filter

è In terms of design, it is crafted with full length aluminium handle and Stylish Half Mirror finish Control Panel

Talking about the in depth analysis of the fridge, its total net capacity is of 315L, Refrigerator capacity is 225L and the Freezer capacity of 90L. The total energy consumption is of 249 kWh thereby making it easy for pockets. Some of the special features that are included in the product by Panasonic are Fruit and Vegetable Compartment is Vitamin-Safe, the Anti-Bacterial Function is Hygiene Active, the Display is Half-mirror LED and the noise level being as low as 36db only.

The Refrigerator and Freezer have different doors and thereby are equipped with different features in them. Starting with the former, there are four shelves and three door pockets. The drawer case, full width wine rack and telescopic rails Vitamin Safe compartment add to the necessary elements which are needed in a conventional fridge. The Freezer has more than expected drawers which are three in number. An Ice compartment with a 15 kg freezing capacity in 24 hours is another useful feature.

Not just this, but the fridge comes with preset program options as well for the interaction of humans with the interface. Some of the most useful ones are Super Freezing, Holiday mode, Alarm, Child Lock, Demo mode, Vitamin Safe (on/off), Hygiene Active (on/off) and Energy Saving.

All these highly useful specifications which have been included in the fridge have gained customer satisfaction and have carried on the class and technical superiority of the Panasonic brand. Though there are many other electronics giants like Samsung and LG who are continuously working to better their best and compete in gaining customer preference and satisfaction but certain products are beyond discussion and can only be experienced. In other words, the world is moving towards hassle free life and this masterpiece from Panasonic ensures hassle Free Fridges.

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