Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Bicycle Insurance

It is commonly known that you can get coverage on bicycle through your home insurance. Any of the items within the home are also considered covered through home insurance policies. Some of the insurers offer coverage even if you carry along the bicycle outside the home. However, is it always enough to have only home insurance? You may have various such queries regarding the same and you can forward these to the insurer.

So, what are the most frequently asked questions in relation to bicycle insurance?

FAQs on Bicycle Insurance

Some of the most common queries in relation to bicycle insurance are:

How to Determine the Value of your Bicycle?

You can ask as to what is the value of the bicycle. Although the bicycle seems to be low priced, it actually is pretty expensive. Therefore, it is safer to have it insured and to opt for the right coverage. In order to determine the value, you will be required to consider its cost along with the other associated along with it. This is going to be easier for you if you keep the receipts. These receipts will also be required if you make a claim. So, make this clear with the online insurance provider like that of

How much Coverage is Required?

You can ask the insurer as to how much coverage would be required by you. This can depend on the value of your cycle and how frequently you use the same. You will actually be required to consider the needs, if you want to get the right amount of coverage for your bicycle. You will have to consider the needs on an individual basis and then decide on the coverage. For exact details, you will have to discuss the same with the insurer.

What happens if the Bicycle Collides with a Car?

What can happen if the bicycle collides with a car or if the car strikes your bicycle? There are various dangers on the road and you may collide with another motorist like another cyclist or a car and so on. These cannot be avoided easily. That is the reason, you need to get the bicycle insured, through which you can even get some level of medical coverage. So, if your bike collides with a car, you get the coverage in the line of personal injury and the costs of repairing the bicycle.

Can the Rented Bicycle be Covered through Bicycle Insurance?

It is known that if you own a bicycle, you need to get it insured. However, what if you are using a rented bicycle? Can you get it covered through a bicycle policy? Consider this situation. You own a bicycle but it gets damaged due to collision. In such a situation, you may have to wait for quite a few days before you can again hit the road on your bike. However, you may require another cycle in the meantime. In such a situation, you may have no other option but to rent a cycle. However, it may not always be possible to get coverage on a rented bicycle so easily. So, you may have to pay up of your own, in case anything happens to it while you are using the same as a substitute. Only if you are taking part in a race and that area is located 50 miles away from your home, only then may you get coverage on the same.

There are various other queries which are frequently asked, with regards to the bicycle insurance. You can get such details through the different insurance based websites. These websites not only provide such important details and the comparison charts, but also insurance quotes and the policies itself. One such site is Protect Your Bubble and for more details you can visit

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