Fostering Leadership and Good Team Relations

Good leadership is perhaps the most important ingredient of a great corporate team. Whether it’s in the financial, banking, corporate sector, strong leadership within a team is what gets things done.

Fostering good team relations through team building exercises and rewards can be a wonderful way of boosting morale and improving communication, while making it easy to see what the strengths and weaknesses are within your team. Such exercises have plenty of real-world applications, as the links forged on such outings last long after the event itself is over.

Making your team feel rewarded is one of the best ways to increase their loyalty and make certain members want to step up to the plate and prove themselves as leaders. Try out some of the exercises below and you’ll soon have a stronger team by your side.

Feeling Special

Reward your team by making them feel special with a carriage ride by An unusual experience, many members of your team will not have had the opportunity to ride in a horse drawn carriage before, and it’s sure to make them feel exceptional. Such an experience is a great way to begin any outing, and it sets up positive expectations for the rest of the day.

In fact, why not consider having horse drawn carriages for your next corporate event or office party? They’ll certainly make your company stand out from the crowd, and you can also advertise with your company’s name or logo on the side.

Clay pigeon shooting

Clay pigeon shooting is a fun activity out in the countryside, and requires various skills and techniques involving firing a shotgun or other firearm at special flying targets.

Such an activity is wonderful for building confidence as progression is clear when team members become more advanced. As well as this, it also promotes some healthy competition, and improves communication as team members help each other out. Such an activity also fosters leadership, as some team members will give advice or pointers to others to help them succeed.

White water rafting

White water rafting is a challenging and exciting activity on an inflatable raft. Your teams must safely navigate the river rapids and work together in order to survive the course! An adrenaline fuelled rush awaits, as teams will have to trust each other, and their leader as they navigate the water.

Encouragement and teamwork are crucial in order to be successful at this task, and it’s an excellent way to foster feel-good memories while rewarding and challenging your team.

Daring, adventurous or just plain fun – any of the above team building exercises are fantastic for fostering good relations amongst team members as well as inspiring leadership and seeing who is up to the challenge. Although these activities may seem far removed from the workplace, the skills they require are exactly what any team needs to master in order to succeed.

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