Forging Your Business; The Advantage Of The TIG Welder

This type of welding uses Tungsten and an inert gas and welds slower than Metal inert gas welding. It is used for very light and thin material, heavy and thick material or any other surface because it can withstand the challenge offered by these materials. It has been successfully used on various metallic surfaces such as steel, Inconel, aluminum and copper just to name a few. It produces neat work and ensures that the surfaces are clean and beautiful some times.

TIG welding involves the use of electricity and a shielding inert gas such as Argon. A torch is lit and creates an arc with tungsten, which at the time is super-hot to create a puddle and which the operator of the welding torch feeds the wire and fuses the pieces together. You need to clean the surface before the welding can go on.

Advantages of TIG Welder

  • It is Efficient for Welding more Metals than any other

The TIG welder is used to weld a myriad of metals, which include steel, aluminum, magnesium, copper, gold, and bronze among others. It is used for welding items that need a smooth finish such as tire rims, door handles, and bike frames. This helps you save time, become efficient while at the same time impressing clients with how fast and how well you do your work.

  • It uses One Shielding Gas for Everything

TIG welders use argon as the shield gas for every surface. This makes them very efficient especially when you are welding an article that has different compositions of metal or complex alloys. It also helps you weld articles of any thickness and type. This makes it available anywhere and pocket friendly while buying different types of welds.

  • TIG Welding Leaves Clean and Quality Surfaces

Because of the arc and puddle control, this type of welding leaves the welding surface clean and make sit suitable when you are welding a surface that might be used for aesthetic value or beauty purposes. They are used when the product is needed clean and they achieve this quality because they do not spark or produce spatters, they have no slag or welding flax and they ensure good health when you weld because they do not produce smoke or dangerous fumes unless from the paint on the metallic surface.

  • TIG Welders can be used in Any Position

Another advantage why the TIG welder is advantageous is because of its versatility when it comes to using it. Artisans who will find themselves in different positions as they weld prefer it. For the mechanic for example, he might have to weld a car standing up, on his back on the side and other positions, this type of welder proves beneficial. There are several welding positions that help you get the desired results with the TIG welder, these are; the flat welding, the horizontal welding, the vertical and the overhead welding positions. This offers you the convenience to weld the article in the best position such that you are welding the items correctly and in the right position while at the same time you are comfortable.

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