Fleet Management Software Assists in Logistics

The bottom line for any company is cost. No matter what department, project, or planning a company considers, cost is a major factor in the decision making process. This is just smart business. For those operating a fleet of trucks, whether local or long distance, cost effective management is important. With fuel prices rising, traffic conjunction increasing and loss in profits from late delivery or lost products, companies are in constant search for logistic management solutions. This increases the importance of a good fleet management software.


Benefits of Fleet Management Software:

If you are a business owner with a medium to large fleet on the road, managing these vehicles is important. It is beneficial to know where they are, how far they have to go and how the vehicle is running. For this reason, a good fleet management software can offer the information you need when you need it in order to assure on-time and safe delivery. Here are the benefits of choosing fleet management software.

  • Up to the minute information
  • Vehicle traffic and status
  • Vehicle maintenance needs
  • Accurately estimated delivery times
  • Route tracking and alternate routes available
  • Fuel efficiency information
  • Vehicle History Trails
  • Driver Management
  • Ability to run reports for customer information


Choosing the Right Fleet Management Software:

As with any other aspect of business, fleet management has multiple options. In the past vehicles were monitored and updated via radios and regular check-ins. This created a risk of false information. When your business relies on delivering on-time, the more you know the more reliable your deliveries will be. Here are a few features to consider when looking for fleet management software.

  • Mapping- A good software should allow accurate mapping of not only the route but also the area surrounding it.
  • Driver Locations- Not only should the software show where your current driver is, it should also show the nearest capable driver to where your load is. This is especially beneficial for those using independent drivers rather than in-house drivers.
  • Report Running and Printing- A good software should allow you to run a hard copy of your reports for record keeping and informing customers.
  • Fleet, Driver and Team Management- Logistics has many moveable parts. Your fleet, drivers and entire teams should be able to be managed.
  • Alternate Route Population- In order to keep your deliveries on-time, you may need to divert your drivers to a better route, your software should be able to plan the alternate route. This is useful in cases where traffic is congested or road construction is present.


The logistics of the past are outdated. Today technology is allowing for closer monitoring and management of multiple vehicles and drivers. If you own a fleet, be sure to choose good fleet management software to track your deliveries and assure the best delivery times available.

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