Five Ways to Expand Your Business from the Ground Up

Whether you are just opening your doors up for business or looking to expand, there are tons of great ways out there to promote your business that are fun and affordable.  Even if money is tight or you are just starting up, if you are looking for ideas to advertise and promote your business, then look no further.  Here are five great money-saving tips and tools that you can use to show the world just who is the boss of your business niche.

  1. If you’re just starting out and don’t have a business card, business stationery, and a few select types of promotional items, including the best promotional mugs and pens, have some made as soon as possible.  These are the kinds of things that show prospective customers that you are a professional who takes your business seriously. Be sure to list your website address on your business card and any promotional items you create.  Mugs are a fabulous promotional tool because they are especially handy, and customers use them every day when they drink their morning cup of joe!
  2. If you don’t have a website, get one set up NOW. Okay, so the year is 2012, and the Internet has been around for quite some time.  99.99% of customers are going to expect to be able to find you there.  If you can’t afford to have custom-designed website built, then learn and use one of the hosting platforms available, like GoDaddy, WordPress, or HomeStead. These companies provide templates and tools that make it super easy to create a basic website.
  3. Set up a free listing for your business in search engine local directories.  You can do this at;; and Be sure to include a link to your website and a brief but snappy description of your business.  Get friends, family and employees to use their accounts to log on to these search engines and give you some good reviews, while you’re at it.  After all, shameless self-promotion will, in the end, only enhance your bottom line.
  4. Set up your business profiles or pages on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. Your business profile should include a good description, relevant keywords and links to your website, as well as possibly some credible links to other sources. Look for groups or forums that talk about your type of products or services and participate in the conversations.
  5. Get your business cards into the hand of anyone who can help you in your search for new clients. Call your friends and relatives and tell them you have started a business. Visit them and leave a small stack of business cards to hand out to their friends.  Give out the cards to everyone you meet while standing in line at the bank, in the grocery store, etc.  Smile and be friendly and who knows how much business you can drum up?

There are tons of different ways, both newfangled internet marketing solutions, and tried-and-true, old fashioned to promote your business.  Remember, though, the most important element in making sure your business succeeds is YOU.  With passion, creativity, drive, and purpose, your business can thrive, online and off.

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