Finding the best employees for the job

One of the hardest responsibilities of any human resources (HR) department is finding stellar recruits. While there are many ways to go about finding recruits, some are outdated and simply don’t reach the right people. Another difficult job that HR departments face is screening all of the applicants that come rolling in. When these practices are streamlined and simplified, you can narrow down the results and have a comprehensive, satisfying recruiting pool.

Use social media

Traditional forms of finding employees, such as running newspaper advertisements or searching sites like Monster and CareerBuilder, are becoming more outdated every year. While it’s still a good move to take advantage of these sites to post job positions, you also need to implement social media strategies to fill roles within your company. Try using company Twitter and Facebook profiles to advertise open positions. Ask current employees to share on their profiles that your company is looking for someone to fill a specific role. There is no shame in asking for shares or retweets either. Sharing through social media opens up the possibility of reaching potential applicants.

Screening applicants

As the applications begin pouring in, all the talent in front of you may feel overwhelming. One of the best ways to narrow down your applicant pool — besides manually weeding out all of the unqualified applicants — is to use a screening service. Human resources systems often offer great employment screening options. You can request local, regional, national or international research for candidates and then access it all online. You shouldn’t have to take the time to research all of that information; instead, let your HR tools do the work for you.

Interviewing for the best

After the recruiting pool has been narrowed down, begin setting up interviews. The interview is your chance to really get to know your potential employees. Ask about work experience and why the candidate deserves the job, but also make sure s/he is comfortable and knows you’re listening. Be prepared with specific questions in mind as you enter the interview. The way the candidate answers questions will help you make your final decision. Remember that skill isn’t the only qualification you should be looking for. Make sure the candidate you choose fits well within the workplace culture and with the other employees.

Screen new hires

After you’ve selected a candidate from the recruitment pool, consider doing another screening. Since you now know more about your new hire, you can do a more thorough background check and make sure this really is the person you want working for your company.

The challenge of finding the best employees often takes a while and sometimes takes several attempts. However, by taking advantage of HR tools, departments can count on the process being easier and more efficient. Many of these tools have multiple benefits and when used correctly are extremely cost-effective. In the end, it’s about finding the best employee for the job. Keep your searches simple and the right people will find you.

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