Essential Rentals During Major Renovations

A renovation can improve a property’s market value. It is also cheaper to remodel than it is to move which is why people are now looking to hire contractors to repair their old house rather than build a new one. Unfortunately, most people only calculate the projected cost of materials and labor expenses when they plan for a renovation. Forgetting that there are other expenses to consider when planning a major restoration.

Often people will underestimate the total cost of labor and materials, worse still, many property owners fail to take into account the other expenses involved. For example, a major repair job of an office building, which needs to continue operating during the build, usually calls for the consideration of a broad range of options for Cooling Tower Rental. The same goes for residential homes.

Fees for Rental Equipments

It’s a big mistake on the part of the property owner not to include provisions for rental fees. The residents inside a house or building under a major renovation will require replacement equipments for their own comfort and safety.

If a property owner ignores this issue, tenants, family members or employees, may demand a costly transfer to a another place while the work is carried out. It is cheaper to rent replacement equipment that are rendered useless by ongoing construction.

Therefore, the property owner should set aside enough cash to rent the following items whilst renovations take place:

1. Power Generator

Electrical lines may be cut or turned off when buildings are being worked on. A generator can be rented to make sure that people who live or work inside the building being repaired still have electricity so they can continue to perform their daily tasks.

2. Air Conditioners

Buildings with critical roles like hospitals or data centers cannot afford to let their operations be interrupted. If their air conditioning system needs replacing or it goes out due to construction work, a temporary air-conditioning system must be rented.

3. Cooling Tower

If the size of the building being repaired is too large for normal air conditioning, the owner can instead rent external cooling towers to control the temperature inside the building. These towers can also act as supplemental cooling apparatuses in support of damaged or weak airconditioning systems.

4. Water Supply

Humans have a constant need for water. An building under-construction may require periods of time when water plumbing has to be cut off creating an urgent need to rent water tanks and pumps. The cost of renting these tools can vary depending on the volume needed.

5. Temporary Toilet System

A building’s sewage system is often also blocked when construction is going on. It is necessary to rent portable toilets for the affected employees or residents.

6. Industrial Chillers

If construction is done in a cold storage warehouse, an industrial-grade chiller must be rented to prevent product spoilage.


Renovation jobs entail other expenses including equipment rentals. Building managers or owners should always add these rental fees to their budget when making plans for a renovation. Failure to do so carries the risk of incurring bigger expenses, such as relocating affected residents or a refusal to work from uncomfortable employees.

Amanda Walters – This article was written by Amanda Walters, an experienced freelance writer and regular contributor to Huffington Post. Follow her here: @Amanda_W84

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