Enhance Your Hands-On Customer Experience With These 3 Improvements

Some business owners fail to recognize that they need to do more to craft positive customer experiences than teach their employees to respond pleasantly and actively listen to customers. Employee response is only one part of the equation. You need to show your customers that you value them and their experiences in other ways:

Reply to Customer Reviews

Due to the convenience of the Internet, people review businesses and products online now more than ever before. Since shoppers rely heavily on customer reviews and these reviews can elevate or drag down the reputation of a business, it is important that you take the time to read and reply to as many reviews as possible on major review sites. By replying to customers online, you show everyone that you care about their experience and seek every means to improve and learn from those experiences. You can also hopefully help turn negative experiences into positive ones before unhappy customers have the opportunity to spread negative word of mouth advertising about your business.

Invest in Message Services

No customer likes to wait on hold on the phone or wait days for an email response. By investing in services like those found through the The Message Centre, your customers can receive faster responses via phone and email to their questions and concerns. You can also invest in live answering services that instantly forward messages from customers to one or more of your staff members via SMS and virtual messenger options. During busy holidays, a message service firm cuts down hold times so that business processes flow faster and more smoothly.

Arrange VIP Feedback Gifts

Show your customers that you care with little incentives and gifts. One of the best ways to thank your loyal buyers is by setting up a VIP program where you can give out rewards for completing customer feedback surveys designed to help improve your business processes. For example, you might supply any customer who completes a feedback form with a special discount on products and services or with an in-store or partner business gift card for a specific cash amount. These gifts show them that you both value their opinions and their time.

The customer experience is more than a one-time interaction. It is made up of every interaction that each customer has with your business. Enhance that experience today with these three improvements.

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