Engineering Jobs Find “Job Holy Grail” in Dairy Businesses

Engineers, including managers, supervisors, maintenance officers, quality managers as well as R & D scientists are seen to have a good prospect in the expanding industry of dairy manufacturing. According to the latest news, the dairy industry (after some struggle) is seen to be expanding and is expected to be experiencing a rapid growth. This is a trend that seems to emerge steadily for this year of 2013.

The 2012 Hiring Trend

Last year’s trend didn’t exhibit much demand for engineering jobs and other related jobs as well. Last 2012, we saw the rise of jobs that focused on the expansion of middle and senior level managers, the jobs that we were cut back during the 2008 and 2009 recession. Big manufacturing industries such as the dairy industry didn’topen much for engineers as well. The growing trend and appetite of people for all things healthy pushed dairy industries to hire employees that would suit to this growing demand. Much is invested on research and development and less on production or further expansion. Most companies were seen to be hiring less and less of engineers. Most concentrated on hiring managers that could aspire creation of new product labels and those that would monitor the hum of these activities. Experts in the field of research and development were also in demand as the people are craving for more flavors, more options and healthier products.

The 2013 Hiring Trend

2012 was a slow turn for engineering jobs especially those who target major lines of production such as the dairy industry. But this year, engineering jobs in dairy industries serve are the “holy grails” for employment. Experts predict more hiring of engineering jobs will commence for this year. Most companies may have slowed down hiring during the last quarter of the last year, but January of this year served as their “go” button as hiring budgets for the entire year are now available. The rapid expansions of these industries also mark a high demand for more jobs.  Jobs for engineers, maintenance managers, quality assurance, sales and marketing would be seen to rev up this year.

We may see demands for these jobs at its fullest, but don’t celebrate just yet, the demands are high but so is the competition. Remember, that these opening don’tonly have you as its sole candidate, we may not know, but there might be hundreds of you battling for the position. Candidates for the job must always be mindful that he or she is not the only one desperately wanting the position. Because the company considers other candidates as well, it is important for job applicants to get quick access to the pool of candidates before applicants do. Scheduling interviews quickly and efficiently is also a key and if the applications are not responded to (probably due to the sheer number of applicants) follow up in a timely manner must be done (usually within 7 to 10 days max).

This article on engineering jobs and business is written by Mike Williams. Mike is fond of writing business articles that tackles different job opportunities especially for engineers. Mike also offers tips on how to find Engineering jobs in Egypt.

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