Effectively Staging Your Exterior When Selling Home

A month ago, the Australian Bureau of Statistics released the analysis of residential property price indexes showing that the house price index in the eight capital cities rose 8.7% in 2015. Property owners can use this statistics in their favour.

As with everything in life, the first impression is of utmost importance in real estate sector, as well. This first impression is called curb appeal. That the landscape improvement can significantly affect ROI shows a study indicating that the house price can increase by 17% if the exterior is effectively staged for selling.


The first step is pruning overgrown trees, shrubs, bushes and plants. If you have overgrown, large trees, begin by removing dead, or diseased branches. No more than 25% of the canopy should be removed. Flowering shrubs should be trimmed just above a healthy bud and only those unbranched stems should be removed. If you have old and neglected shrubs, remove them all together. Perennial budding plants also should pruned, while some types need to be cut back entirely. Pruning results in healthier trees and plants with more foliage and flowers. The overall impression is beautiful and well-maintained garden.

Maintaining Flower Beds

After you pruned your perennials, you need to weed flower beds. Next, add a fresh mulch. If you removed some plants, a good idea is to plant the new ones to add colour to the garden. Choose young plants as they may cost up to 75% less than the mature ones, but make sure young perennials have at least three, or four well-developed roots.

Maintaining the Pool and the Backyard

If you have a pool, clean filters and remove debris and algae so that you get crystal clear water. If the pool is in really bad condition, resurfacing is the best option. When it comes to water features, fountains are the most affordable. Don’t forget to include pool lights. The outdoor patio should be also freshened up with outdoor furniture. One of those modern steel fire pits creates a romantic atmosphere and will definitely help you sell the house.

A Fresh Coat of Paint

Painting the whole exterior is both too expensive and time-consuming. However, you can add a fresh coat of paint on accent areas and change the appearance of the entire exterior. Paint the mailbox, but make sure the colour complements the style of the house. Repainting the framing around the garage door, the windows and the porch is a budget-friendly way to create curb appeal. Use a strong accent colour for the front door.

The Porch Make-over

Choose bold tones to draw attention to the porch. The furniture, pillows and the floor lend themselves to bright colours, like orange, red and yellow. Tone down the area with a neutral porch railing, but make sure it has some eye-catching design so that it can be immediately noticed from the street. Not only do ceiling fans are a good illumination and improve ventilation, but they are also a great focal point. Whether you choose hanging baskets, window boxes on the railing, or containers placed on the floor, flowers and plants are an important part of the porch as they make the transition from the house to the garden.

It is important to say that these improvements will not break the bank. An attractive landscape can help potential sellers connect emotionally to the house, which will inevitably lead to the higher price.

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