Eco Living With Upcoming Residential Projects in Mumbai

Eco homes are no longer a rarity. They have become a transition from the normal overpowering wastage of resources in regular residencies to much more power saving spaces equipped with the best of amenities and facilities. The array of upcoming residential projects in Mumbai are all going green with the city’s estate market doing its phenomenal effort to create residences that generate the awareness of ecological salvage of our planet. From eco paints to quality products that muster to be environment friendly in every possible way, eco living has become a transcendental medium of life.  To make your home an eco home is not so much of a difficult task nor is it excessively expensive.  To do it right is an act of balance between knowledge and placement. Here are a few ways you could make your home green and eco friendly.

  1. Use compact fluorescent bulbs instead of the normal power saving ones. These provide you with the same amount of light source but are a great way to save on power consumption and electricity charges.
  2. Recycle your trash. The new range of luxury homes in Mumbai feature the aspect of recycling in their home designs. Since recycling helps save of resources and cuts down on the pollution rate it is one of the key features of any eco-friendly residency. Do not be lazy to recycle your renewable sources and to use them over and over again. This is one of the easiest and one of the most fundamental practices to go green.
  3. Do not store dead batteries. When recycling, make sure that your garbage does not have anything you wouldn’t want to put into your food. Every year thousands of batteries are manufactured and these contain heavy metals which are highly corrosive and do not bend towards the process of recycling.
  4. The upcoming range of luxury homes in Mumbai tends to promote minimal use of paper. Be it toilet paper or any other form of paper, an eco-friendly space uses alternatives like cloth to make the usage of paper as barely necessary and possible. You could buy a stack of bar towels that come in real cheap and pile them up for regular use. These are easy to wash and serve as a great replacement for paper.
  5. Avoid excessive air-conditioning. Luxury housing uses other variables such as CFL light bulbs which reduce the indoor temperature dramatically, double glazing features, ceiling fans and cross ventilation which are the new allies to reduce the use of air conditioners which are the highest carbon pollutants for the atmosphere.
  6. Bottled water in plastic bottles is another reason of high pollution rates since plastic is a non-recyclable material. To avoid the use of plastic is one the major elements of luxury homes. These are replaced with BPA plastic free bottles or containers where one can bottle water and recycle the bottle timely for further use.

The new ranges of luxury homes nowadays are the ones that support the motto of “Clean Mumbai, Green Mumbai.”  They facilitate the ideology of eco living by bringing in the most basic aspects of this norm into practical formulation within the residential sector. To greenify your home does not require a toll down on your comfort but rather a rise in your awareness.  It requires you think out of the box, bring in healthier mediums of living not only for you and your family, but for the entire world.

Bio: Sue Grant is an ecologist in the city of India. She emphasizes on the upcoming properties in Indore as the new sites for eco-living and as the best spots for property investment in relation to foreign capital. The awareness with eco living for her does not necessarily abandon the comforts of luxury.

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