Easy Options for Integrating Cloud Networks

Sharing data online and over networks is changing. With mobile computing increasing for personal and professional use, the cloud has quickly become a business solution. Many of the large corporations that we count on everyday are transitioning to the cloud to increase productivity and offer more service and support for both clients and employees.


If you are a small business owner who counts on the versatility of the internet to reach employees and clients, the cloud is an option you undoubtedly considered. For those without technical knowledge, cloud integration may seem out of your league. For this reason, the major players in networking have created easy options for transitioning your current network to cloud computing.


Professional Transitioning:

As with any new technology, support firms jump on the chance to provide a service for implementing that technology into a business. With cloud computing, this is true also. There are a plethora of IT firms that offer professional transitioning and training for cloud services. These offices will come to your business with a kit and integrate or transition your existing network to the cloud, as well as train you, your employees, and your current IT department on how to run, use and manage the new technology.


Though this is a more expensive option than having your in-house IT department making the transition, it offers a level of knowledge and support that may be invaluable in the future. Many of these firms can create a customized cloud kit that works best for your current and future business size. With the cloud service being scalable with little change to the existing services in place, the firm you hire will know when and how to change your cloud services to match your growth.


Infrastructure Packages:

If your IT department is knowledgeable, capable, and able to make the transition to cloud services for your company, you may just need a simple hardware solution. Infrastructure packages are available that are cloud capable and allow for easy transitioning of your current network to the cloud.


One such package is the Cisco VBlock. This pre-built stack integrates into your existing network and makes the transition to the cloud easy. After connecting the stack, your IT department sets policies for the cloud network that determine the processing needs, bandwidth, storage, and network types. This allows cloud transitioning to be completed in days rather than months.


The world of connecting companies, employees, and clients is changing. With the increase in internet capabilities, securities, and stability, file storage and data transfer in a virtual environment is becoming more stable and cost effective. If you are considering changing your current network to include the cloud, be sure to weigh your options to find the right method for your company.

Jamey Wisneski is a service technician and in his spare time is a freelance blogger for broadbandcomparison.org, a site he often recommends as a great resource to help choose a new provider by comparing the best broadband deals.

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