EaseUS iPhone Recovery For Mac

Macintosh, or popularly known as Mac, have products everywhere around the world. . Name it – iPhone, iPad, iPod – almost each and every person has these gadgets. These gadgets come in all shapes and sizes and are now quite being a part of our lives. These innovations have been very useful and make our lives easier and at the same time, give entertainment and comfort for the users.

Because of these new technologies, people too have been upgraded. They learned new things, playing games, listen to music, and organize schedules and plans, and many more by using these innovations. Also, exchange of information and data storage can now be done in an easier way. However, there are some instances that the data can be deleted. There are moments when these memories that we want to share becomes missing or removed without even the owner noticing it. How can these files be recovered? Can these important data still be retrieved?

Thanks to the new technology, data recovery has also been made. Because of a high demand for recovery programs, a free iPhone data recovery for Mac is now available. EaseUS iPhone data recovery is one of the latest discoveries that can be used to retrieve lost data from IOS devices. This is supported by many kinds of Mac devices, which include iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, all the iPads, and many other devices.

EaseUS iPhone data recovery can be used in many circumstances of lost data. One is when the lost data is because of an accidental deletion or from a virus attack that led you to restore factory settings. Next is when the data is lost because of the appearance of the Apple Logo Screen of Death. Another one is when an upgrade or a jailbreak was done on the device, resulting to loss of some data in the device. And last is when data is lost due to damaged device.

Uses of EaseUS iPhone Recovery

This free iPhone data recovery for Mac program can retrieve data in two ways. One is by recovering from the IOS device, and the other one is the way is to recover lost files via iTunes Backup.

When recovering from the IOS device, you start by connecting your IOS device to your Mac and clicking the Start button. Next is for you to scan the data to find the lost files. After scanning, you can preview the lost files because you can now see all the recoverable files found by the EaseUS iPhone recovery. Select one item to see and find the specific lost file that you need. You can click on “Only display deleted items” to filter the scanned files to files that have only been deleted. And last is to recover files that you need by clicking the “Recover” button and choosing a destination where to send the recovered files.

The next method, using iTunes Backup is even easier to do. Click “Start” of the correct iTunes backup. Wait for the program to finish analyzing the data. Select the data you want to recover and also by clicking the “only display deleted items” button, you can filter your data too. You then select the recoverable files by clicking “Recover” and saving it to your Mac.

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