Duties Of The Recruiter

Recruitment is an important process whereby firms find and hire new employees. It involves a lot of activities which are meant to ensure that only the best employees get the chance to work for the company. As a recruitment agency in London, we have Recruitment jobs in London. Those who will be hired for the position will assist the firm in the following.

Job design and development

The recruiter has the duty of ensuring that only the best brains are hired. As such, anyone who wants Recruiter jobs needs to understand the various needs of the company. He or she will have to identify what the new employee will do, the experiences of the new employee and the necessary skills needed to do the tasks to be assigned. It is from this analysis that the person hired for this role will deliver and comprehensive job description. The process of job design and development will involve a lot of collaboration and inputs from the various payers in the firm. This calls for the person who is going to assume this role to be a good team player in addition to being creative.

Identification of suitable candidates

There are various jobs which the recruiter will be required to seek the most suitable candidates. Some of them include PR jobs in Cambridge, communications experts, front office experts, and personal secretaries among others. Once the recruiter is through with understanding the type of an employee the firm needs, he or she needs to figure out where the firm can get the best candidate to fill this position. For example, if the firm needs a business development expert, it will be advisable for the recruiter to recruit through the various business journals and magazines. Here, he or she will be in a position to get the best candidates for the job.

Evaluation and hiring

After advertising for the various jobs, candidates will apply. The recruiter will shortlist and interview them. The last and most critical stage involves evaluating all the applicants before making the final hiring decisions. Once they get the most suitable candidate, he or she informed. If the candidate accepts the job offer, a job contract is prepared where both the employee and the employer signs.

  • Recruitment involves the selection of the best candidate.
  • Firms need to hire the best recruiters if they have to secure the best employees
  • Recruiter jobs in Cambridge need to be given to people who understand the whole recruitment process.


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