Don’t Be a Boring Boss: 4 Team-Building Activities That Defy Convention

If you are a supervisor, then you know how important getting a team to work together is to the success of your enterprise. As people get to know each other better through fun activities, they will become better aware of each person’s strengths. You may discover that some people even have strengths that they kept hidden from themselves. Here are some team-building activities you might want to try.

Improv Workshops

teamTheater improv is a great way to get your team working together. Through improv, your team can also learn to think quickly on its feet. They can also learn to react positively when something unexpected is thrown their way. While there are improv activities that you can lead before a group meeting, often having outside leaders lead groups helps improve engagement with these workshops. Or, if it’s within your budget, take the team to a professional workshop.

Circus Classes

There are very few people who do not love a circus, so everyone will be motivated to participate when you take your team to a circus workshop. Stilt walking, acrobatic balancing, and juggling can all be used to let people learn more about each other in a non-threatening environment. Circus activities can also be a great way to get people to learn to trust each other.

Tough Mudder

If you have an athletic crew to lead, then Tough Mudder may be the perfect team-building event. Each participant is expected to run over a 12-mile course filled with 25 different military-style obstacles. While some will be tempted to quit along the way, the course is designed to build perseverance and indomitable spirit in your team. Additionally, team members will have the opportunity to cheer each other on just like they need to be doing to complete big projects at the office.

Trophy Hunting Ranch

Going to a trophy hunting ranch with your team is a great way to help build team spirit. You will have a shared goal and learn to work together. Along the way, your team will learn about mutual interests, building trust, and problem-solving. Your team may go back to the office prepared to think about problems in novel ways after going hunting together. To make things even more interesting, consisder taking your team to a ranch with exotic game. For example, you may choose to take them to an axis deer trophy hunting ranch.

There are many team building activities that your group can do as a team. Use these ideas and your own ingenuity to take team building from a must-do activity to a cannot-wait activity. You are likely to see your team grow quickly when you try these unique team building ideas.

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